CHC professor dedicated to a quintessential tough guy

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by Lou Mancinelli Dr. Suzanne del Gizzo, an eighth-year Chestnut Hill College English professor, was named editor-elect of The Hemingway Review at the society’s annual board conference in late May. She follows the work of Suzanne Beegel, who retired in July after 22 years as editor. The Hemingway Review is the premier scholarship journal of […]

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Thank goodness we can use animals as our own laboratory

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by Jim Harris A study published in August’s “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” stated that rats, like humans, may experience so-called “near-death experiences” (NDEs). These can include feelings of levitation, detachment from the body, serenity, warmth and the presence of light. (I am not making this up. It has been widely reported in […]

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Local school has international reputation – Erdenheim facility: 75 years of photographic excellence

Local Life | August 29th, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Barbara Sherf Carrying a faded black and white photo of his 1950 graduating class that includes an image of the late Severo Antonelli, founder of the photography and graphic design school that bears his name in Erdenheim, 92-year-old Dominic Loschiavo shared his thoughts about the school at a 75th Antonelli Institute alumni celebration on […]

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