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State-of-the-art building greets
returning Springsiders


Springside's Upper School has come home.

For the past 18 months, Springside's upper four grades have been housed on Chestnut Hill Academy's third floor while the new Springside Upper School Building was under construction.

The new space, double the size of the old building, greeted the girls when they returned from their winter break on January 5.

Springside Head of School Priscilla G. Sands is very happy to have the girls back on campus. "The girls are thrilled with the space," she said. "They will be more so when it's finished."

While most of the space is operational, science classes and the library are still at CHA. Everything should...

Bylaws committee to recommend
reducing size of CHCA board


The Chestnut Hill Community Association bylaws committee has completed a series of four meetings at which recommendations were made to change a number of aspects of the bylaws governing the 2,000-member community organization.

All the revisions will be presented for information purposes to the board of directors at its January 22 meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Chestnut Hill Library, 8711 Germantown Ave.

The revisions will be voted upon at the CHCA executive committee meeting on Thursday, February 5, and by the board of directors on Thursday, February 26. They will then be voted on by the entire membership of the Community Association at the association's annual meeting on Thursday, April...

Bowman properties avoid Sheriff's Sale
16 were scheduled to be sold


Sixteen Chestnut Hill properties — including 10 with Germantown Avenue fronts — were listed for Sheriff's Sale on January 6. The properties, which are owned by Bowman Properties, Ltd., were stayed — taken off the sale — before the bidding.

Richard W. Snowden, Bowman Properties general managing partner, was named as a defendant in two lawsuits brought by Third Federal Savings Bank in September 2003.

Court records reveal that the bank sought payment on a $5,481,227 debt.

Bowman is one of the largest landowners in Chestnut Hill. Snowden sat on the BID steering committee.

Snowden was also involved in one of city's biggest tax-delinquent settlements in 2002, the circumstances of which are now under federal scrutiny and have been reported by both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Keystone Information and Financial Services, a Mt. Airy-based debt collection agency, received a no-bid contract from the city law department in November 2001 to track down tax delinquents, one of which was Bowman Properties. Keystone, which is owned by prominent Muslim cleric and Street campaign contributor Shamsud-din Ali, collected $657,000 in back taxes from Bowman...

Campaigns spar over "dirty trick politics"


Although neither State Sen. Allyson Schwartz nor Democratic hopeful Joe Torsella received the Upper Dublin Democratic Committee's endorsement at a weekend meeting, both 13th Congressional district candidates' campaigns are sparring over political manners.

Anthony Green, Torsella's campaign manager, distributed a letter addressed to Schwartz on Monday, blasting her campaign manager, Ken Morley, for "surreptitiously taping" Torsella's speech during a non-public committee forum last Saturday.

"This sort of dirty trick politics has been thoroughly rejected by the public," the letter read. Green details an incident in which Torsella notices Morley is taping his comments with a semi-concealed recorder and asks, "Am I being tape recorded?" Green says Morley subsequently openly admitted to...

Six artists considered for trestle project

by Robert Fles

The process of turning an abandoned railroad trestle into an attractive entranceway to Mt. Airy took a major step forward last week when area residents pored over material submitted by applicants wishing to design the gateway.

The material was on display at InFusion, a coffee- and tea-house in Mt. Airy. The six artists involved had submitted professional information about themselves, samples of work done previously and design proposals for the PECO-owned trestle, located just south of the intersection of Germantown Avenue and Cresheim Valley Drive. Over three dozen interested members of the public stopped by to read through the binders of information concerning the designers, to peruse the plans, drawings and photograph...