Letter: Wonderful doctor

Pets December 12, 2013 0 Comments

At-home euthanasia by wonderful doctor

I recently required euthanasia services for my beloved dog. I located this veterinarian affiliated with LapofLove.com. Dr. Brad Bates could not have been more wonderful. He was at my home within two hours of my contacting him. Words cannot describe how peaceful my dog’s passing were largely because of being able to hold him in our home without having to transport him to our veterinary clinic with all the negative associated smells, sounds and lack of home comfort. Dr. Bates was perfectly attuned to our needs and provided wonderful encouragement and support. It was a gift to all of us that words cannot fully describe. I cannot recommend this physician more highly. He is providing a very helpful service to the community.

Carolyn Klein

Chestnut Hill

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