Letters: September 5

Letters September 5, 2013 1 Comment

Pleased by active police response We want to publicly thank several of our local police officers. It is a story of one good thing leading to another. The article in the 8/22/13 Local, urging residents to report anything that feels suspicious by calling 911 was very helpful. It is so easy to talk ourselves out […]
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Letters: August 28

Letters August 28, 2013 0 Comments

Vietnam War still killing Americans I thoroughly enjoyed John Colgan-Davis’ comprehensive take on the “1968″ exhibit running at the Constitution Center. I too attended it recently and was struck by the stark differences between the colorful pop culture happening in the States back then and the horrible war in Vietnam. It is a war that […]
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Letters: August 21

Letters August 21, 2013 1 Comment

Kudos for stance on ‘stand your ground’ law Kudos to Pete Mazzaccaro for your on-target July 18 article, “A law that creates vigilantes.” I believe your article is the best I’ve read to date that explains a rationale for the jury’s shocking (wrongful) acquittal of unprovoked 210-pound George Zimmerman’s stalking, confronting and shooting of an […]
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Letters: August 14

Letters August 14, 2013 3 Comments

Thanks to all for Pastorius efforts Our 65th Pastorius Park concert season came to an end on July 31. Now our stage has been taken down and is back in storage until next year. Although the weather was far from kind to us, we had a fabulous season and heard some great music in the […]
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Letters: August 7

Letters August 7, 2013 0 Comments

Thanks for a successful series Last Wednesday we held the 15th Annual Police, Firefighters and Postal Workers Picnic in Pastorius Park. It was a lovely evening in the park. Picnickers feasted on wraps, greek salad, pasta salad and chips, followed by cookies, cake, home baked brownies and watermelon. Thank you to all the hard working […]
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Letters: July 31

Letters July 31, 2013 1 Comment

Letter defending Zimmerman overlooks facts Your “from our readers” disappointed duo from Mt. Airy rendered unusual expertise on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. However, their article is incorrect regarding 210 lb. George Zimmerman being held down by a significantly larger Mr. Martin. I am dismayed by this false statement. Teenager Trayvon Martin was much smaller […]
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Letters: July 25

Letters July 25, 2013 0 Comments

Dissapointed by Local’s take on Zimmerman trial We read your article in this week’s Local with profound disappointment. You stated that George Zimmerman “gunned down” Trayvon Martin, a “black teenager.” The evidence produced at this trial convinced a unanimous jury that Mr. Martin was on top of Mr. Zimmerman, punching him in the face, and […]
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Letters: July 17

Letters July 17, 2013 0 Comments

Thanks for support of Book Festival Because the Chestnut Hill Community Fund has so many donors throughout this extraordinary region and community, there is probably no way to thank all the participants of the Chestnut Hill Community Fund for awarding grants to the Chestnut Hill Book Festival and Speaker Series as well as our sponsor, […]
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Letters: July 11

Letters July 11, 2013 0 Comments

Addictions are no laughing matter I am writing in response to the editorial, “My lifelong struggle with addictions,” by Barbara Olson (7/14/13). Her editorial comically depicts her lifelong experiences with “addictions.” She describes, in a blithe manner, her various addictions, including addictions to gluing materials in kindergarten, to cheerleading, and to shopping on the QVC […]
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Letters: June 26

Letters June 26, 2013 0 Comments

Center on Hill a real resource I am just back from giving a “Downton Abbey Fashion Flashback” talk and luncheon at the Chestnut Hill Center on the Hill. What a fabulous resource we have in this community in the form of the Center on the Hill. I need to publicly thank CHCH Executive Director Jackie […]
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