Up in Maine: A mystery concert and a change of heart

Enemies of Reading August 27, 2014 0 Comments

by Hugh Gilmore A guy who couldn’t sing worth a damn floated into hearing range on the pond last night and though he annoyed me at first, I wound up envying him so much I wanted to holler him ashore and make his acquaintance. What annoyed me is that I was out on the screened […]
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The effects – good and bad – of a media frenzy

Out and Back August 27, 2014 0 Comments

by Dante Zappala The wooden chairs in the courtrooms at City Hall are harder than cement. I fruitlessly tried to find some comfort in one. My legs were pretty well shot. I had just strung together a set of runs to mimic the stress of the marathon – 10 quality miles one day and then […]
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Home Sweet Home-Schooling; should your children do it?

Everyday Matters August 21, 2014 0 Comments

by Elise Seyfried For someone who loved learning as much as I did, I wasn’t a very happy camper in school. Part of the problem was that we moved around so much; I was ALWAYS the new kid in town, with all the attendant social issues. Part of it surely was my gnat-like attention span, […]
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All in on Taney Dragons

Opinion August 20, 2014 1 Comment

by Pete Mazzaccaro City residents and nearby suburbanites are saying it out loud: “We finally have a successful baseball team in Philadelphia.” The Philadelphia Taney Dragons Little League team, which as of this writing is two wins from the U.S. Little League World Series title and three from a world title, have captured the imaginations […]
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Running on a trail of memories

Out and Back August 20, 2014 0 Comments

by Dante Zappala On the night of Aug. 5, 2009, Kevin McShea started his shift at the Northwest Detectives unit of the Philadelphia Police Department. He was presented with a case. A young girl had died on Forbidden Drive when, inexplicable even to fate, a tree branch fell and struck her while she was running. […]
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President’s Corner: On “The Avenue”

Opinion August 19, 2014 0 Comments

by Will Detweiler Beyond the summer beauty of the hanging flower baskets and planters – thanks to the efforts of tireless Dotty Shefield, Emily Daeschler and Bob Mackowski – and the glitz and glamour of the Philadelphia Mounted Police, exciting things are happening on Germantown Avenue. Starting at Chestnut Hill College with their newly enhanced […]
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Hill church choir performs in 700-year-old cathedral

Note-Worthy August 15, 2014 0 Comments

by Michael Caruso Chestnut Hill’s Episcopal Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding with a trip by its choir to England. Led by parish music director Erik Meyer, the choir sang at Exeter Cathedral and its namesake parish, St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London. Back home from the adventure, Meyer first put the […]
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Farms just a few miles from ‘pour house’: Get hopped up at fresh Iron Hill/Weavers Way dinners

Table Hopping August 14, 2014 0 Comments

by Len Lear “Farm to table” has become a virtual mantra among many Philadelphia area restaurants in recent years, stressing the claim that they use fresh ingredients from local vendors and farmers instead of relying on processed foods, canned and boxed foods, etc. Well, unless the food is grown in the restaurant’s backyard, it doesn’t […]
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Pathetic cell phone addiction belongs in the toilet

Over the Top August 14, 2014 0 Comments

by Mike Todd For that brief moment, when your iPhone is hurtling downward through the artificially freshened restroom air, from the privacy of your stall, you will think, “Please, when you land, go clackety-clack-skitter, not sploosh.” You may even have a chance to lean your head to one side, like the bad guys have just […]
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What I’ve learned about writing a memoir by writing a memoir, Part 3

Enemies of Reading August 14, 2014 2 Comments

by Hugh Gilmore The single hardest part of writing a memoir is deciding what to leave out. You’d think that was an easy thing to do, but it is not. It is difficult because the writer is so close to his material. Yes, it’s easy to know the big events of your life and the […]
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