Springside/CHA concert by Mutlu masterfully performed

Note-Worthy July 3, 2014 2 Comments

by Michael Caruso The 66th season of concerts in Pastorius Park, presented by the Chestnut Hill Community Association and sponsored by Chestnut Hill Hospital, continued Wednesday, June 25, with singer-songwriter Mutlu and keyboard accompanist Jeremy Diamond. Unlike the previous Wednesday evening, when the weather cooperated for a lovely outdoor event, this time the threat of […]
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Rough roads ahead for Phillies and Sixers

From the Sidelines July 3, 2014 0 Comments

by Clark Groome The week just passed focused the Philadelphia sports fans’ attention on the Phillies’ and 76ers’ futures. The near-term outlook is pretty dreary. A Phillies five-game winning streak has been followed by what could only be described as a disastrous home stand. The back and forth conversations and reports about what the Phils […]
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Death threats were not wasted on Lynn Hoffman: His new book is terrific

Enemies of Reading July 3, 2014 0 Comments

by Hugh Gilmore Lynn Hoffman and I had been friends for about a year when he called me at the gym. I stopped pedaling the cardio machine and pressed my cell phone to my ear. He told me he’d just been diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the throat. “If I live, I may lose […]
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Commentary: Ecumenism in Qatar

Opinion July 3, 2014 3 Comments

by Mary Hansbury I recently returned from a conference in Qatar, having been invited to present research and read a paper in my field of Syriac studies. The conference was about various Syriac writers from 1,500 years ago. They are Christian writers, but the Muslim government of Qatar funded the conference in its desire to […]
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To the Community of Chestnut Hill: An open letter regarding 415 W. Moreland Ave

Opinion July 2, 2014 0 Comments

At the Chestnut Hill Community Association Board meeting last Thursday night, the Board discussed the value that we as a community place on maintaining the integrity of being a National Historic District. Chestnut Hill’s status as a National Historic District was established in 1985 to officially recognize and protect the remarkable collection of outstanding properties […]
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Endangered property in the Chestnut Hill National Historic District

Opinion July 2, 2014 5 Comments

Because of an imminent threat to an important historic building, the Chestnut Hill Historical Society issued an urgent “call to action” for all its members regarding the announced plan by Blake Development Corporation to demolish the house at 415 Moreland Ave. and build two new houses on the subdivided lot. After a week of intense […]
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Hired training partner beats his employer in Czech half marathon

Out and Back July 2, 2014 0 Comments

by Dante Zappala Pace Men stood tall atop the winner’s podium, his funny name emblazoned on his running bib for the world to see, casting a long shadow over the great Wilson Kipsang who stood next to him in the runner’s-up spot. If you found yourself in Moravia last weekend, you certainly came home raving […]
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Helping customers escape from real life – From bartending to running upscale local restaurants

Table Hopping June 27, 2014 0 Comments

by Len Lear When Michael Dombkoski, who has lived in Glenside with his wife for 21 years (they have three children), was a business major at Villanova University in the early 1980s, he did not really plan to go into the restaurant and hotel industry. But Michael, now 53, took a job as a bartender […]
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Lilting harmonies from Hezekiah Jones at Pastorius Park

Note-Worthy June 27, 2014 0 Comments

by Michael Caruso The Chestnut Hill Community Association, with the generous help of Chestnut Hill Hospital, opened the 66th season of concerts in Pastorius Park Wednesday, June 18. Although the weather was a tad hotter than one might have wished, with a hint of the high humidity most likely to arrive in the weeks to […]
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Mike is so cheap when buying coffee; ‘grounds’ for divorce?

Over the Top June 27, 2014 0 Comments

by Mike Todd Once the words came out, there could be no putting them back in. My wife Kara would know the full extent of my betrayal. “There’s a pretty good chance you’re about be angry with me,” I told her. “Oh, really?” she laughed; then she saw the look on my face. “Wait, really? […]
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