What I’ve learned about writing a memoir by writing a memoir, Part 3

Enemies of Reading August 14, 2014 2 Comments

by Hugh Gilmore The single hardest part of writing a memoir is deciding what to leave out. You’d think that was an easy thing to do, but it is not. It is difficult because the writer is so close to his material. Yes, it’s easy to know the big events of your life and the […]
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Encounter with a wise senior

Out and Back August 14, 2014 0 Comments

by Dante Zappala I met Rolf before we even said hello. I spotted him a good block away as he vibrantly bounded through the old city of Schwerin. Glowing against the gray background of formality and reserve, he pierced stares to find smiles around him. With Rolf, strangers become instant friends, and I was no […]
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Shrinking dollars and growing demand

Opinion August 13, 2014 0 Comments

by Pete Mazzaccaro If there’s one single theme for Philadelphia, it’s this: More and more with less and less. Nowhere is this dynamic more obvious than the plight of Philadelphia’s public school district, which is currently forced to plead, beg and shame state Republican lawmakers into passing a citywide tax on cigarettes that will generate […]
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Band puts a Spell on crowd at Pastorius Park concert

Note-Worthy August 8, 2014 0 Comments

by Michael Caruso Aaron & the Spell brought the 2014 Pastorius Park summer concert season to a close Wednesday, July 30, in a season that was more assaulted by the weather than any other I can remember in all the years I’ve written for the Local since 1986. It was a pleasure to hear the […]
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A religious experience: ‘Book of Mormon’ lives up to hype

Curtain Call August 7, 2014 0 Comments

by Clark Groome Believe the hype. “The Book of Mormon” deserves all the kudos it has received since opening on Broadway early in 2011. The story of two Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda is both profane and profound. It satirizes the Mormons’ missionary practices while simultaneously showing that decency and courage can overcome the evil […]
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If you’re not dead, you may be able to find free money

Over the Top August 7, 2014 0 Comments

by Mike Todd “Wait, but I’m not dead,” I explained to the customer support representative. She didn’t seem quite convinced. “I’m sorry, Mr. Todd, but the account was closed due to inactivity,” she explained again, deftly using the passive voice to assign blame to no one. Who closed the account? Let’s not get bogged down […]
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When the obvious isn’t obvious

Opinion August 6, 2014 0 Comments

by Pete Mazzaccaro Last week, I received two comments and letters from readers that represent the most impossible things to deal with as an editor: requests to educate the public about things that really should require no explanation at all. The first was an observation by a longtime Hiller and reader that more and more people, […]
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Running in Germany as an Ausländer

Out and Back August 6, 2014 0 Comments

by Dante Zappala Rule # 1: Don’t hop the barrier to cross the road. Rule #2: No running in the bike lane. Rule #3: Fail to follow the rules and someone is sure to call you out. Even on the banks of the Müritzsee, a majestic lake in northern Germany surrounded by endless woods, the […]
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Why city’s sports fans expect more from teams

From the Sidelines August 6, 2014 0 Comments

by Clark Groome I’ve often wondered why the success or lack thereof of our professional sports teams means so much more to Philadelphians than to people elsewhere. Every city that has a team in one of the four major sports wants its team to win, but Philadelphia seems somehow different. Maybe our devotion to the […]
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Loony family finds one of their own most unexpectedly

Over the Top August 1, 2014 0 Comments

by Mike Todd “It can’t be,” I said, stopping in the middle of the street between my double- and triple-takes. I pulled my dog Memphis’ leash tight, keeping her close to my leg. Zack, the two-year-old freeloader riding in my backpack, leaned over to see what was going on. “Whassat?” he asked. Just down the […]
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