Letters: October 22

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Reading the Potter On Saturday, while the sidewalks and shops of Chestnut Hill were teeming with wand-brandishing wizards and befuddled Muggles, a group of people came together to read a book. As part of the wildly successful Harry Potter Weekend, the Chestnut Hill Community Association staged its first Muggles Read-a-thon at the Top of the […]

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Letters: October 15

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Cliveden project is alive and well As it happens, two articles in the Oct. 9 edition of the Local feature authors whose subject matter has connections to Cliveden. Contrary to assertions made by Mr. Seitz, as reported by Ms Rybak (“Mt. Airy Author to discuss ‘Slavery in Philadelphia,’” the Cliveden Project was not “ended abruptly” […]

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Letters: October 8

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Who’s supporting preservation? In the Sept. 25 issue of the Local, you published an article and two letters, all closely related and all important: the excellent commentary by Miles Orvell, “Main Street,” and the letters in the Forum by Frank Niepold and Shirley Hanson. The unnecessary destruction of the magnificent old home on Moreland Avenue […]

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Letters: October 1

Letters | October 1st, 2014 | 1 Comment

Worth a discussion I want to respond to David Banov’s letter about my article in the Local on September 18, “That’s My Partner! Don’t Shoot!” First, I want to thank the Local for printing it. I appreciate Mr. Banov’s response since it might open up a dialogue. To have that dialogue, it would help to […]

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Letters: September 24

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Homeowners must protect Chestnut Hill I am both a neighbor of the fine original house at 415 West Moreland which was unnecessarily, even wantonly, demolished this week, and owner of a circa 1890 Houston/Hewitt house. I believe there are a few important lessons we should all take away from this unfortunate situation: • First, there […]

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Letters: September 17

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Lets do it for the birds I love birds, so I was happy to read two stories in the Local (Sept. 4), one about the bald eagles nesting in the Wissahickon, and the other about Dorian Anderson’s bike ride across the country to raise awareness around the numerous environmental threats to birds. Both stories were […]

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Letters: September 10

Letters | September 10th, 2014 | 2 Comments

A tribute to Don Murphy I just heard that my old friend and barber Don Murphy died. Apparently he was driving to work when he noticed a car behind him approaching way too fast. Don tried to pull over to let the person pass, but he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. […]

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Letters: September 4

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The ‘Flower lady’ stories inspiring After reading about the “Heart of the 91-year-old man” (Bob) and “The Flower Lady,” Patricia Gallagher, recently in the Local, all I can say is: awesome! Their stories are powerful, beautiful and truly inspiring. I found these articles incredibly moving. I work for the Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels program, […]

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Letters: August 27

Letters | August 27th, 2014 | 10 Comments

An America divided I have fallen out of the letter writing habit in recent years, but current events in Ferguson, have re-inspired me to let my voice be heard. As a child, I lived in Palmyra, Mo., for a number of years. We had exactly two African-American kids in our school, and I was given […]

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Letters: August 20

Letters | August 20th, 2014 | 5 Comments

Fighting over canned food Yet another splendid opportunity for right-minded people to squabble over the ever-diminishing parcels of ideological turf that we feel compelled to occupy and defend to the death. Why sell meat if vegans and vegetarians do not favor it? Why sell chocolate whose origins are in countries whose major exports otherwise seem […]

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