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   March 27, 2008 Issue                                                     

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Local News
More than 40 people gathered on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Bethlehem Pike on Wednesday, March 19, the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. With umbrellas and protest signs in hand, they demonstrated against America’s continued involvement in a conflict they say has gone on for too long. (Photo by Erin Vertreace)

Primary debate comes to Hill

Residents of Northwest Philadelphia will have an opportunity to discuss the Democratic presidential primary contest at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, April 1, sponsored by the Ninth Ward Democratic Committee.

Sidewalk signs, seating reviewed

Businesses along Germantown Avenue should think twice before setting out sidewalk signs, merchandise or tables and chairs, since most of them are illegal under city regulations.

Local Sports

Expectations high for GFS baseball in ‘08
by Justin Goldman

GFS’ Noah Goodman at bat

Over the last four seasons, the Germantown Friends Baseball team has enjoyed immense success and championships. This season, the expectations remain high as the Tigers set out to defend their championship. Though GFS is the overwhelming favorite to win the league for the fifth straight time, it is not taking anything for granted during its quest.

“We realize that the target is squarely on our backs each time we take the field against a league opponent. But I think one of the advantages to being so successful is the guys have learned to deal with the expectations that are associated with the GFS baseball program. Some of the key ingredients to this programs success are the work ethic, commitment, and passion displayed by the players particularly by our seniors. Each passing year the standard is set and with this group there is no exception,” said head coach Bob Bergholtz in an email.

New stick skippers for Mount, Springside

As the world around them comes into bloom this spring, the lacrosse teams at Mount St. Joseph Academy and Springside School are each looking for fresh growth under the care of a new head coach. Wyndmoor’s Lori Ehret has taken over the helm for the Mount Magic, while Mount Airy resident B.J. Zellers is now leading the Lions of Springside.

Local Life

Hoping to recapture formula for success
Despite closing of Avenue, Yu Hsiang Garden reopens


The assorted Pu Pu platter for two ($13.95) is practically a meal in itself, consisting of barbecued spare ribs, shrimp toasts, spring rolls and more.

When Yu Hsiang Garden at 7630 Germantown Ave. became Chestnut Hill’s first Chinese restaurant in September of 1989, it was a case of baptism under fire. Several residents close to the restaurant had done everything in their power short of poisoning the area’s water supply to prevent Yu Hsiang Garden from opening. They had the usual litany of fears — crowds, parking, noise, smells, etc. While the protesters did not ultimately get their way, they did in fact delay the opening for many months.







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