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   April 24, 2008 Issue                                       

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Local News

Local developer is new owner of Caruso’s
by Kristin Pazulski

The new owner of Caruso’s Market is John Capoferri, an area developer, who assured customers that, though there will be improvements and changes, the store would remain a “full-service grocery store.”

Hill Company branches out
by Lisa Kniezewski

Hill Company has seen much change since 1949. Once a local hardware store, since 1976 it has been transformed into a premier furniture store. Now the firm has a new partner, Marguerite Coyle, alongside owner Linda Moran, and a new branch in Worcester as well.


PCCH Pre-Kindergarten to exhibit at Woodmere
by Lisa Kniezewski

Artwork made by the students from the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill Pre-K program will be on display in an art show called Shades Of Imagination from April 27 through June 8 at the Woodmere Art Museum. Harry Bradley, Magnus Lunn and Kaylee Carr (bottom to top) are three of the students participating. Photo by Erin Vertreace.

Artwork by 96 students in the Pre Kindergarten School at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill will be on display at the Woodmere Art Museum, starting Sunday, April 27.

The exhibit, titled “Shades of Imagination,” will be in the Helen Millard Children’s Gallery at Woodmere. While the gallery has had art displays from other schools before, PCCH Pre-Kindergarten is unique because it is the only school with such young children invited to exhibit. The children, who range in age from 2 to 5, will display individual and group work.

The project began a year ago when Woodmere’s educational director invited PCCH Pre-Kindergarten to exhibit its artwork. This will be the second time the school has collaborated with Woodmere, and School Director Margot Cohn said she was “thrilled” to have the opportunity.

“I think we were invited because our teachers have imaginative and challenging ideas for art projects, enthusiastically present the basic ideas to the children and then encourage the children to freely express themselves through their art work, allowing them to work independently,” Cohn said. “The resulting art work is astonishing.”


CHCA says “Yo! No dumping! Drains to river!”

Between now and the end of May, in celebration of the 38th anniversary of Earth Day, volunteers from the CHCA will be marking storm drains in Chestnut Hill with medallions that read “Yo! No Dumping! Drains to River.”