Monday, December 8, 2008

To start advertising in the Chestnut Hill Local all you need to do is contact our Advertising Manager.

Advertising Manager
Sonia Leounes

Non-Commissionable Display Retail Rates

Column - Inches Rate

0 - 29 inches $17
30 - 99 inches $14.60
100 - 249 inches $13
250 - 499 inches $11.90
500 PLUS inches $10

Frequency Discounts Per Column-Inch
48 Weeks 1/4 Page $9.30
48 Weeks 1/2 Page $8.70
48 Weeks Full Page $7.50

Professional Services Directory
$210 (pre-paid) six-month contract.
$35 billed monthly thereafter.

Classified Advertising
$17 per inch; $16 per inch after 4th consecutive run with no changes. Approx. 32 words. Agency ads begin at $24.00. Classified display, borders and logos are available. Call for pricing. Call 215-248-8818, fax
215-248-8814 or e-mail

Standard $75/1,000. Other sizes based on weight and space.
Sample must be provided for pricing.

Non-Profits $11.50
Anique Column
Open Rate $12
13 weeks

Color Sells
72% Better!

Full Color $155
Black + One Color $65
Please include the CMYK breakdown for the color you be using in your ad when submitting it to the Local.

Published: Weekly
Deadline: MONDAYS, NOON -
Format: SAU Tabloid

The Chestnut Hill Local does not offer commissionable rates.
Requests for special position are 15% extra. Reverses are 10% extra. Acceptance of advertisers and copy subject to approval by publisher.

QUESTIONS?  Help!?---->215.248.8817
Chestnut Hill Local Production Department:
Robyn John, Production Manager

Deadline for submitting ads: Mondays, NOON, week of publication.

Ad Submission Guidelines
• Is your ad the Correct size? (sizes below)
• High Print Quality PDFs are requested for best printing results. Please shy away from sending photoshop jpegs with low resolution images and text.
• Label your files according to the business name and publication date. EX: Hill Company.022108.pdf
• If you would like to submit Quark 6.5 files, please stuff all files over 10MBs. INCLUDE used fonts and images in all compressed files.
• When submitting PDF files, please make sure that fonts are embedded and that the Resolution is 300 dpi or higher. (Lower resolution files will result in blurry/fuzzy reproduction in print). Make sure the settings for pdf creation are set at the highest print quality.
• If there is a problem with your ad (i.e.: print quality, size, format, spelling) we will notify you as soon as possible. If your ad appears to reproduce at a lower resolution the Production Department can recreate your ad to look as similar as the original submitted at no extra charge. We may ask you to provide images and copy for that purpose.
• We will also accept jpegs, tiffs, eps, illustrator and word documents. But it is up to you to make sure that the highest print quality is being submitted to us. Questions? Call!

FYI: If you are considering running more than one ad with the Local please let us help you. Our design team, Chestnut Hill Art & Design, can create advertising materials, business cards, brochures, newsletters and more, in addition to ads that will run in the paper.

Email ads to:
Chestnut Hill Local Column Sizes
1 column = 1.933 inches (11.6 picas)
2 column = 3.992 inches (24 picas)
3 column = 6.05 inches (36.3 picas)
4 column = 8.11 inches (48.7 picas)
5 column = 10.167 inches (61 picas)

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT images from the Internet; they are poor quality (72 dpi).  Images and text used in Word may be submitted. We are talented, but not responsible for making improvements on images.  Numerous and/or extensive changes to advertisements may result in additional charges.  WE DO NOT USE PUBLISHER, so we can not open those files.

AdvertiseCall 215-248-8800