January 29, 2009


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Weavers Way buys Caruso’s

The team behind Weavers Way – General Manager Glenn Bergman (left) and Communications Director Jon McGoran – are bringing their food store know-how to the former Caruso’s market in Chestnut Hill. (Photo by Erin Vertreace)

Caruso’s Market will soon have a new owner.

The Weavers Way Co-op, a Mt. Airy-based, member-owned grocery store, last week signed an agreement to purchase the building at 8418-22 Germantown Ave. 

The co-op, a not-for-profit entity, will make settlement on the property next month, according to spokesman Jon McGoran.

The store could open as early as this summer, he said, but that depends on how quickly the place can be renovated.

“We are working on cost estimates and design decisions,” he said, adding that “we anticipate a new façade, some structural improvements, some new equipment, new layout and décor.”

Wissahickon trail usage spurs debate

Since mid-December a heated debate has been playing out in the Local’s pages over the rights of Wissahickon Valley Park users.

Mountain bikers have been accused of “marauding” down trails reserved for hikers, who, in turn, have been criticized for being “grumpy” and trying to police the park. Here we had the opening salvos of a turf war between passionate factions from both camps.


Growing a tree in Germantown

When Chestnut Hill Hospital was sold to a for-profit outfit in 2005, it created the necessity for a not-for-profit entity that could handle the hospital’s charitable donations. The outgoing board created a foundation to which it transferred a large endowment and several trusts totaling $25 million. The Chestnut Hill Healthcare Foundation was born and quickly began the process of refining its mission. The new group, headed by health policy specialist Susan Hansen, set to work handing out grants and developing a process to redefine itself and its mission.

Bowman Properties buys Magarity site

Bowman Properties purchased Magarity Ford this month.

The rumor mill can grind to a halt now.  The Magarity Ford lot on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill has a new owner.

“Bowman Properties has purchased the Magarity parcel,” Seth Shapiro, a Bowman spokesman, told the Local on Jan. 22, about two months after longtime owner Joe Magarity announced he would close his dealership and sell the 1.7-acre property.

Shapiro said that Bowman was pursuing “several options” for the property, but he was not able to mention specifics because Bowman is only in the preliminary stages of development.

But Shapiro did admit that his employer, Richard Snowden, wants a tenant that is a good fit for Chestnut Hill. He said the development would be “consistent with and complementary to other business along the Avenue.”