February 5, 2009


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Offseason blues - but not for long

My coworker, Dan, has told me that after 12 years, I’m finally a real Eagles fan. Why? It’s because of this sentiment: Right now the Eagles suck.  

There is still a bit left in me that’s looking forward to the 2009 season, with or without Reid and McNabb, who are together in sickness and health. So, there you are.

But enough of that Philly self-loathing. If the Eagles can’t take home the Lombardi Trophy, at least it stays in the state. And at least it was good to enjoy the game… probably couldn’t have had a good time if I had been busy fretting over the Eagles (Will McNabb puke? Will an eagle’s receiver actually catch a pass?). Yup, there was good food, good company with Matt and Barb and their new 42” Sharp TV — there were hilarious commercials, the best halftime show I ever have seen with Bruce and the E Street Band and, oh yeah … the game.  In fact, it wasn’t that bad! I thought the Steelers were going to just plow over the Cards. Instead, it was a nail-biter to the end. What a Sunday… And to think I wasn’t even going to watch or go anywhere.

This Saturday, for fun and a good way to start off the NASCAR season, tune in to the Bud Shootout. It’s the Pro Bowl for NASCAR. The whole thing is just for fun, though the money is good for the drivers (it’s not a race that “counts”). It’s a good way for Motorsports fans to get a little taste for their sport instead of re-watching past races and edited versions of the last season. And by then I will have my brand new 46” flat screen LCD TV.  Then my season will really start.

Then, on to Valentines Day, my favorite part of the sports season. It doesn’t involve any dumb candy or commercial nonsense like that. After all we all know that Hallmark made up Valentine’s Day just to sell more cards…

What I’m talking about isn’t that kind of romance. I’m talking about pitchers and catchers! Ah, the smell of pine tar and well-worn leather gloves. The sound of cracking bats. It’s the small things I like! We are defending champions for the whole year. CHAMPIONS!!!  Most of the team is back, and we will get into that over the following weeks to come.

So, a door may have closed (adios football), but we can look forward to much more.  There will be plenty to talk about and much anticipation (I didn’t even get the chance to talk about the start of F1 racing). This is the year! For what, I’m not too sure, but together we will find out.  

Drop me a line to me and let me know what you’re looking forward to or stop me in the neighborhood. I love to talk sports. Until then keep your remote close by…