May 21, 2009


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Community associations aren’t easy

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that there is a new and additional community association in Chestnut Hill. I have lived in places with more than one representing an area.

It is hard for me to understand, though, the divisiveness that seems to have brought this association about — residential vs. commercial and institutional. Chestnut Hill does not stand alone as an exceptional community because of its residents nor because of its businesses. It is this combination that makes it appealing to so many who enjoy living here.

Sunday’s Garden Festival, brought to us through the efforts of the Chestnut Hill Business Association, highlights for me this unique relationship. I walked the Avenue and saw old friends, everyday friends, friends of friends and friends of my children. I also saw business owners I know or just recognize because they have made continuing contributions to the many events and fundraisers held by Chestnut Hill residents. Our residents sit on volunteer boards and committees of Teens Inc, Woodmere, Friends of the Wissahikon, the Historical Society, to name a few institutions.

Community associations are not easy. In time this new association will have its share of disagreements, infighting and power plays. I do hope its founders focus on constructive issues for Chestnut Hill and do not spend time and energy on bashing the CHCA as some had been doing in the past.

Marie Lachat


Fan of Respect

A friend and I saw the final preview of Respect, A Musical Journey of Women at Act II Ambler. We loved the show and joined the audience in a standing ovation at the final curtain. Simply stated, we were charmed and entertained by the sparkling ensemble of four women, very talented, very charismatic, accompanied by the excellent trio of instrumentalists.

The key word is entertained — not lectured, not rehash, not a pity party, as some critics have stated. I recommend Respect for everyone looking for great local entertainment. It is running through June.

Marvin Thall
Chestnut Hill



Thanks to all who volunteered at the CHCA/Chestnut Hill Local booth at Saturday’s Home and Garden Festival on the Avenue! Despite the chilly and cloudy weather, we had great conversations and positive responses from the people who stopped by our booth. Thanks and welcome to those who joined the CHCA and to those who renewed their memberships. Special thanks to new CHCA board members Stephanie and Michael Chomentowski and Tom Cullen, current board members AnnMarie Arment,  Marianne Dwyer, Marie Lachat, and Bob Rossman, Circulation Manager Cheryl Massaro, and Community Manager Phil LeCalsey for helping to make this a wonderful event.

Jane Piotrowski
CHCA VP Social Division
Co-Chair Membership Committee


Volunteer Day a success

This is a special thank you letter from the Friends of Fort Washington State Park to all the 100+ volunteers who came to the park on April 18th for our annual “Spring Volunteer Day.”  The turnout and the work completed far outdid our expectations – as did the beautiful weather.

We wish to thank the families, friends, the scouts, Wyncote Audubon, the Search & Rescue and the many local businesses, Genuardi’s Market, Wawa’s in Ft. Washington and Flourtown, Zake’s Cakes & Café, Whole Food in Rydal and Acme.  They all helped make this day, and our picnic luncheon, a wonderful success.

Lastly, we wish to thank the Chestnut Hill Local for placing a notice in the paper about our volunteer day.  This helped bring many new people from the area to the park.  Like the Wissahickon, we are always a work in progress and hope to have another great turnout next year.

P. Claire Burnett
Friends of Fort Washington
State Park