July 23, 2009


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Concerend about concealment bill

As state representative of the 200th Legislative District, I am extremely concerned about pending federal legislation (S. 845/H.R. 1620, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009) that would allow someone from one state to carry a concealed firearm in another state.

Let me make this clear: I do not stand alone against this proposal. I am the national co-chair of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the State Legislators Against Illegal Guns (SLAIG). This bipartisan alliance of Democrats and Republicans exist to keep guns and criminals indelibly separate.

If S. 845/H.R.1620 is enacted, SLAIG has determined that three detrimental effects would inevitably follow: (1) states’ ability to make commonsense gun legislation would quickly diminish; (2) gun owners who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the issuing state would then be permitted to carry in another state, even if the individual would be ineligible for a permit in the state in which he/she is carrying; and, (3) gun traffickers would “shop” for states with the most lenient standards and simply transport illegal guns beyond state lines. 

I urge members of Congress to carefully consider the impact that this legislation would have on state legislators’ ability to draft and implement laws that are important to our constituency.  

Cherelle L. Parker
State Representative
200th Legislative District


Water barrels, silly?

Thank you, Charles Parsons, for your illumination on the path of sewage water from Chestnut Hill to the treatment plant in South Philadelphia [“Jumbled,” letters, July 16].  I appreciate your expertise in this area as you are president of the Philadelphia Watershed Alliance.  I would like readers to know that I research topics before I write them and that I got my “jumbled” information, as you say, from the “Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management” put out by the Philadelphia Water Department’s Office of Watersheds and “The Next Great City” published by the City of Philadelphia.

The Homeowner’s Guide states: “By detaining the stormwater runoff during a rain event, you can help add capacity to the city’s sewer system and reduce sewer overflows to our creeks and rivers, our drinking water source.”

From The Next Great City: “Built in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the city’s combined sewers are unable to handle both wastewater and the millions of gallons of stormwater that run off paved surfaces into the storm drains after rain and snow.  As a result, wastewater ends up backing up into homes or flowing untreated into our rivers. Stormwater-filled with raw sewage, litter, oil, bacteria, and other pollutants-spews into neighborhood streams and rivers through 180 combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharge points.” 

If you believe that rain barrels are ineffective and silly, I would love to hear your side of the story. 

Jennifer Reed
Chestnut Hill


Thanks for sharing

The Philadelphia Blues Messengers would like to thank the Local, the Community Association, the Committee for the Pastorius Park Concerts, the concert sponsors and the hundreds of generous people who shared our joy in the music of the Blues on Wednesday, July 8, here in Chestnut Hill.  What a fine community we have!

If you would like to join our mailing list to hear of future appearances, please email us at  Hope to see you again. 

Mike Albrecht
Chestnut Hill


Friends still seek help for Christine Oliger

The Friends of Christine Oliger, held a benefit concert last Sunday at Walk a Crooked Mile Bookstore outside the Mount Airy train station. Christine is a peace activist who has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease.”

With the help of the Chestnut Hill Local, 85 people attended this event in which singer/songwriter Kenn Kweder performed. We would like to thank Greg Williams for the use of his venue and Kenn Kweder for his delightful rendition of many well-known favorites.

 The biography of Christine Oliger by Jennifer Katz, which appeared in the Chestnut Hill Local on July 9, helped build our turnout. Thank you, Jennifer, for a job well done.?

If any readers of your newspaper missed this benefit but would still like to help with Christine’s medical expenses, they may send a check or money order to “Christine Oliger Trust,” c/o Chestnut Hill Friends Meetinghouse, 100 East Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

Chris Robinson
Mt. Airy


A salute to book fest

I salute all those who brought last weekend’s Book Festival to Chestnut Hill.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Who knew we had so many really impressive authors nearby?  There were so many worth hearing, it was hard to choose which lectures to attend, and the writing workshops put on by Philadelphia Stories were also excellent.  All in all it was a fabulous weekend.  I can’t wait until next year.

Mary Sue Welsh 
Chestnut Hill