August 6, 2009


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A heartfelt ‘thank you’

Once in a while, the clatter of the day’s chores and the monotony of the endless stream of mostly negative news is suddenly paused and you find yourself right in the middle of the type of miracle that makes each day worthwhile. I’m not talking about the ground shaking, Nile-parting miracles that seize your consciousness, however. I’m taking about the daily miracles that can be so easily overlooked. This past Wednesday was one such miracle.

As the thunderclouds seized the afternoon, an undaunted team of our neighbors converged on the Watertower Recreation Center dedicated to set the stage for 11th Annual Police, Firefighters and Postal Workers Picnic. Their efforts were not in vain.

Almost as in defiance of the elements, the stage was flawlessly set and our honored guests and their families filled the room with conversation, laughter and the joy of sitting among friends while sharing a meal. It was in that moment that the miracle was evident — the miracle of living and working in a community so abundant with generous and selfless people. 

A heartfelt and special thank you goes to all of you that dedicated your time and resources to touching the lives of those who make our lives safer and more convenient each and every day. 

Thank you to:

•  Water Tower Recreation Center Team for making your space available.

•  Drake’s Catering for providing their delicious selection of wraps.

• Baker Street Bread Co. for generously donating their incredible chocolate chip cookies.

• Tavern on the Hill and the Brewer’s Outlet for donating the soft drinks and staff.

• ¡Cuba! Restaurant for donating the white bean and avocado dips

• Ann Marie Arment, Marianne Dwyer, Kathryn Greer, Tom and Susan Hemphill, John Ingersoll, Jane Piotrowski, Paul Roller, Bob Rossman, and Richard Snowden for providing an amazing variety of delicious side dishes.

• Marilyn Paucker for purchasing the supplies.

• Peggy Hendrie and Peggy Miller for staffing the reservation table.

• Joanne Dhody and Allia Dhody for being ticket takers.

• AnnMarie Arment, Mike and Stephanie Chomentowski, Marianne Dwyer, Paul Greer, Tom and Susan Hemphill, Jennifer Katz, Mark Keintz, Phil LeCalsey, Jane Piotrowski, and Bob Rossman for helping to set up, serve, and clean up.

• The staff members of the Chestnut Hill Local who attended, some of them with their families: Joan Forjohn, Larry Hochberger, Jennifer Katz, JoAnn Mangano, and Erin Vertreace. Also, thanks to the Local for providing complimentary ad space for the picnic.

• The members of the community who attended and showed their support, including Chestnut Hill Hospital CEO Brooks Turkel.

• Young Julian Whelan for your great energetic job of handing out tickets to the picnic attendees.

• To Noreen Spota, Philip LeCalsey and Jane Piotrowski, whose tireless efforts over these past weeks made this picnic  a wonderful success.

• And finally, thanks to the police officers, firefighters, and postal workers, and their families!

Miguel A. Castañeda, CHCA,
VP Social Division


Gratitude from some ‘Humble’ musicians

Thanks so much for the Humbleman Band article in the Local (July 23 issue). It was great. I’ve received so many compliments on it. The show at the Mermaid Inn went very well Saturday, with several new people telling me they came because of the article. We also got a small but mighty review of our CD in the Philly Weekly which we are delighted about. Thanks so much for your help.

Charlie Cooper


Playing ‘race card’

I am not surprised at the four letters that were critical of the “Get over it” editorial by Len Lear in the July 23 issue. He had the audacity to say what many people think but do not dare say in print because it is politically incorrect. I too felt bad about what happened to the kids at that swimming pool, but as soon as the parents got a lawyer who made the ridiculous comment that the kids have been “scarred for life,” it turned into a case of playing the “race card” in hopes of a big payday.

This is why it is so hard to have an honest dialogue about race in this country. Whites are afraid that they may say the wrong word and then be accused of being a racist. At this point, I can’t feel too bad for the kids who could not return to the private club’s pool because they were given a free vacation at Disney World, a day of free ice cream and food and lots of other free gifts. When I saw them on TV smiling and enjoying all of this free stuff (which they certainly should), they did not look “scarred for life” to me.

If this lawyer and the kids’ parents want to know what being “scarred for life” really means, they should talk to the kids in Iraq and Afghanistan or the millions around the world who are starving to death or are literally sold into prostitution or slavery. Maybe they can help out those children who truly are damaged for life and are not likely to get a free trip to Disney World.

Jordan Hanson