September 3, 2009


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Greenworks Philadelphia:
Save energy and money at home

If you own a house that was built more than 30 years ago, and it has never been renovated to reduce heating and cooling costs, it is likely that you have an opportunity to realize substantial savings on your fuel bills if you renovate.

The reason why the age of the house is an important consideration is that in the ‘70s home construction was far less energy efficient than it is today. In 1973, during the first Arab oil embargo, when the price of heating oil and gasoline skyrocketed and Americans suffered their first major energy scare, they looked for ways to reduce their use of oil for heating by whatever means were available. That scare spurred a frantic search to save energy, not unlike this past year when the price of oil spiked to a record high of $150  a barrel.

Good Food Market variances supported by CHCA board vote

Near neighbors of the Good Food Market at 12-18 W. Willow Grove Ave. last week were unsuccessful in their efforts to persuade the Chestnut Hill Community Association board of directors to table a vote on a request by market owner Jennifer Zoga for zoning variances for the sale of takeout coffee, gelato, salads and sandwiches.

While board members acknowledged some of the neighbors’ concerns about traffic, parking and safety, they voted unanimously in support of Zoga’s variance application with the city Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Flourtown therapist sells shirts to help rape survivors

Margaret Preston’s T-shirt will help build a fund to provide counseling to rape survivors. (Photo by Erin Vertreace)

It was 2003 and the first in what was to become a series of infamous rapes in Fairmount Park had just happened when Margaret Preston and a friend went to jog along Forbidden Drive at Valley Green. As the two women were preparing to start their run, a visibly frightened woman approached them.

“You could just see the fear on her face,” Preston said. “She approached us and asked if she could run with us.”

Preston, 56, was all too aware of the risk to women joggers. Her daughter had been attacked while she was away at college 12 years ago.

“It’s the worst feeling a mother can have,” she said. “To get the call from the police.”

Her daughter, who did not want to be identified, was able to get away from her attacker before he sexually assaulted her but not before the attack left her bruised and shaken. It left her mother shaken as well.

The Chestnut Hill Community Association board of directors last week voted unanimously in support of three zoning variances that Bowman Properties Ltd. is seeking for the “adaptive re-use” of a historic 19th century building that stretches from 8401-03 Germantown Ave. to 3-9 E. Gravers Lane.

If approved by the city Zoning Board of Adjustment at a Sept. 16 hearing, the variances would allow Bowman to reduce the setback requirements for a 9-foot fence and a three-story addition from 8 feet to 3 feet and 0 feet, respectively. Bowman would also be exempt from a zoning ordinance prohibiting the construction of multiple structures on one lot.