December 17, 2009


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What’s with that photo?

Please explain the photo on the front page of the Dec. 3 Local. The Weavers Way groundbreaking ceremony provided a perfect photo opportunity. The event highlighted cooperation among representatives of Weavers Way, the State Representative, the Chestnut Hill Community Association, the Chestnut Hill Business Association, and Valley Green Bank.

Running that photo would have shown the cooperation that led to this success and would have been a perfect way to welcome Weavers Way to Chestnut Hill. Instead we see a picture of the Chestnut Hill Community Manager and two area residents in a stripped down store which does not capture the actual event. As a member of Weavers Way for over 30 years I have to wonder what happened. As a Chestnut Hill resident for 25 years I am embarrassed that once again we missed an opportunity to welcome a new business to the neighborhood.

Lisa Hogan
Chestnut Hill

Editor’s note: The purpose of a news photo is to convey news. When we consider available photos, we typically try to select something compelling. This is especially true of the lead photos on the front page. Ideally, the front-page photo will beg the reader to look twice, to wonder what is going on and read the caption.

The photo of the interior of the soon-to-be-opened co-op may have been gloomy, but I found the empty structure very compelling visually. That is why I chose to run that particular photo. It won’t be long before that view of the building is long gone, making its documentation even more interesting.

In the spring, when the new market is complete, we’ll have the opportunity to photograph the co-op staff and management, welcoming the community into what I’m sure will be a great new Hill institution.


Springside solar installation

Congratulations to Springside on its new installation of solar power on the roof. I appreciate the school’s leadership and forward thinking. Clean energy like solar and wind power reduce our global warming emissions. At the same time, they also provide new jobs for Pennsylvanians.

The firms and their employees who build and install solar panels and wind turbines are making a critical contribution to our state’s and our country’s long term economic stability. And yet, our nation is not making enough progress. I’ve been worried about global warming since the early 1990’s, and we still don’t have a federal law to reduce our overall carbon emissions.

My family has taken a number of steps to shrink our carbon footprint, and institutions like Springside are doing their part. These voluntary initiatives are great, but what we really need is federal legislation to move us to a clean energy economy. I commend Senator Specter for his recent committee vote for a climate and clean energy bill. I hope he and Senator Casey will strengthen and support that bill when it comes to a vote before the full Senate.

Marianne Fluehr


Thanks from Enrichment Center

This is surely the appropriate time to extend most sincere thanks to the community at large, and wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays and the very best in the New Year. The Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment underwent something of a transformation during 2009, not only changing our name but moving to the heart of the Chestnut Hill business district. You can be assured that we continue to serve, primarily, those who are 50-and-better from all over northwest Philadelphia and the neighboring communities of eastern Montgomery County. Check our new Web site for more details:

We could not have done this without our dear friends at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, Legacy Realty, Chestnut Hill College, Kilian’s Hardware and Bowman Properties, who have provided us with space for classes, book sales, a resource fair, quilt displays, bazaars and water exercise, not only during the transition, but in the years before and the months since. Nor could we do what we do without the support of all the staff members at the Chestnut Hill Community Association, Parking Foundation, Business Association and the Chestnut Hill Local.

Our new neighbors around us at 8431 Germantown Avenue have welcomed CHCE with open arms. We would encourage you to stop in to see us any Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Make sure to take a good look at the beautiful job Bowman Properties has done in renovating the building’s exterior as well as our lovely “home” on the first floor.

The Center on the Hill is a newly renovated space at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill where we have been invited to hold some of our larger and more active programs. Our activities in both places will close for vacation on Wednesday, Dec. 23 and reopen Monday, Jan. 4. Why not join us as a member for 2010?

All in all, 2009 has been a pretty wonderful year for the CHCE. We owe it all to our neighbors, members, community leaders and volunteers; plus my Assistant Director Sue Davis and a great Board of Governors: Lou Aiello, Bob Bacino, Dorothy Corn, (Mrs.) Sandy Drinker, Amy Haines, Carole Haussermann, Jim Hill, Andrea Imperatore, Mary Ann Koller, Eleanor Murdoch, the late Larry Murdoch, Kate O’Neill, Marilyn Paucker, Jane Piotrowski, Kathy and Carol Shaifer, Jack Soeffing, Meredith Sonderskov, and Katie Worrall.


Philly modernizes recycling

The members of Northwest Greens met in the Weavers Way Meeting Room on Dec. 3, and were pleased to learn that one of our major demands since April 2006 had finally been met by the City of Philadelphia. Mayor Michael Nutter had announced that the Philadelphia Streets Department will begin an incentive-based recycle program, based on rewarding those who recycle.

Northwest Greens had recommended this program more than three years ago to our precious mayor, who preferred punishment-based recycling which fined those who did not recycle. Unfortunately, our Streets Department has made it more difficult to participate than it has to be. To be part of the new incentive-based program, you must have a special sticker on your blue recycle bin. 

In order to get the special sticker, you must register on the web at Those who register early will earn 100 bonus points, which can be traded in for merchandise.

The members of Northwest Greens also had a serious disappointment. Neither Representative Cherelle Parker nor Senator Shirley Kitchen has endorsed the single-payer bill in Harrisburg (HB 1660 and SB 400). Therefore it is time for voters to visit these two legislators. If you live in PA House District 200 (Parker) or PA Senate District 3 (Kitchen), please contact Northwest Greens if you would like to meet with your representative concerning single-payer healthcare for all Pennsylvania citizens. The next meeting of Northwest Greens will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14, in the Weavers Way Meeting Room, 555 Carpenter Lane in Mount Airy. For more information please telephone 215-843-4256 or email

Chris Robinson
Northwest Greens


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