January 7, 2010


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Hospital doctor ‘proud’ of collegues

Regarding “Caregivers challenge hospital’s handling of patient issues,” Dec. 24:

As Chief of Endocrinology at Chestnut Hill Hospital, I am extremely proud to be a member of its community of physicians and staff. 

With regard to the advocate group (of Sandy Thomas and Phyllis Levitt), they are speaking for themselves. Their mothers and others who have contacted them with complaints about Chestnut Hill Hospital are doing so for themselves. I am not a member of the group nor did I initiate their actions. 

The article was correct in pointing out that when my contract expired, I opened a private practice in the same location (Suite 14). Only the phone number changed: 215-248-2600.   

The hospital administration fulfilled its contractual obligations.  It is regrettable that the initial announcement letter failed to mention my new office phone number. Patients called the number for the original practice and when they could not reach me, some expressed confusion, anxiety, and anger. 

What I can say with assurance is the physicians and employees of Chestnut Hill Hospital are committed to excellence in heath care. I am proud to serve with my colleagues in this effort.  I would not have opened a private practice if this were not the case.

Dr. Levetan, Dr. Channick and I are all qualified and successful in our field. We are all board certified in our specialties and fellows of the American College of Endocrinology. Together we are working to make Chestnut Hill Hospital a center of excellence in Endocrinology.

Dr. Karen Agersborg
Chestnut Hill Hospital


Kudos to hospital

I saw Dr. Michael Hirsch, my internist, on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 12 for a sinus problem. He recommended that I have a CAT scan, which required a pre-certification by Blue Cross. His assistant Danielle was able to get the referral approved on the computer while I was in his office.

The next day, I called the hospital for an appointment and was asked to come at 11 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 28. I got to the out patient registration at 10:55 a.m. and was promptly processed and in the X-ray department at 11:10 a.m.

Technician Donna took me to the scan lab for the five-minute procedure, explaining what to expect. I was out of the lab at 11:20 a.m. and walked over to the X-ray film department, which promptly gave me the CD scan to show the specialist. Also the hospital faxed the radiologist report of my test to Dr. Hirsch that afternoon.

He called me to discuss the results less than eight hours after my procedure. I was amazed at the efficiency of the entire process, which was so painless and so efficiently conducted.

 Kudos to Dr. Michael Scanlon, the medical director, and Brooks Turkel, the CEO of the hospital. I feel blessed to have such a fine hospital in our community to serve us with such fine care.

Chuck Gupta
Chestnut Hill


A bookstore

where there was a bookstore?

If the thriving Joseph Fox, bookseller, could be persuaded to duplicate itself, this Sansom Street treasure would be a beautiful fit for Chestnut Hill.

It’s one of my favorite Center City destinations. It’s survival defies all present-day logic; it is around the corner from Rittenhouse Square’s Barnes and Noble. It’s hard to spot at 1724 Sansom St. until you are right there. It’s more parking-challenged than the Chestnut Hill Borders. It serves no coffee. The only seating is three, low stepping stools.

If its Chestnut Hill protégé that I wish for could nestle into the former Borders site, it would find space to house a local coffeehouse entrepreneur and a cozy corner for book clubs and other discussion groups and even a chess table, plenty of shelf space for the Joseph Fox quality and best sellers, not to mention a wonderfully curated children’s book section to delight anybody. Visit Joseph Fox and imagine the possibilities for Chestnut Hill.

Suzanne Latham
Chestnut Hill


Holding out for Roberts

I want to thank all the Comcast corporate executives who have reached out to me since the publication of my editorial in the Chestnut Hill Local on Dec. 10, (“Hey, Comcast, I oughtta get paid!”) and wish them a Happy New Year.

I will be happy to discuss any of my concerns, however, only with Brian Roberts, who happens to be a neighbor.

So, Mr. Roberts, how about Starbucks? 

You name the date and time and I’m sure I can work you into my schedule.

Lila Bricklin 
Mt. Airy


Recycle that tree

The Mt. Airy Business Association in partnership with GRINCH (Green in Chestnut Hill) and the Allens Lane Art Center is sponsoring a Christmas Tree Recycling Day.

When: Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Allens Lane Art Center — 601 Allens Lane, Philadelphia 19119

We are asking for a $5 donation to help cover our costs.

Trees will be chipped into a pile which will then be available in the Spring as free mulch!

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Trees are just like any other trash that gets sent to landfills and becomes pollution. By chipping the trees and re-using the mulch, you are helping to save our precious planet.

Please contact Kim Miller, executive director of the Mt. Airy Business Association at 215-242-0777 or if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer to help that day.

Amy Edelman




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