March 4, 2010

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To Chestnut Hill Community Association members:

The CHCA board refused at is January meeting to endorse a measure to require board members to attend even one board meeting in a year.  But I had hopes that a second opportunity would yield a less self-serving result.

It didn’t. Last week the board reaffirmed its decision to keep off the upcoming ballot a mechanism for removing chronic no-shows.

When I asked why the board wouldn’t even want to know CHCA members’ opinions there was simply no answer.

I do not know why this board is afraid to ask for your opinion.  I do know that it is becoming very content in its bubble of presumed knowledge of what the voters want.

Mark Keintz
CHCA board member


Thanks for support During blood drive

“Thank you” to everyone who participated in last week’s CHCA/Red Cross Blood Drive, which collected 49 pints of blood. Special thanks to St. Paul’s Church, which donated the event space to Baker Street Bread Company, Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop and Top of the Hill Market, which donated the refreshments; to volunteers Claudia Bordo, Tom Hemphill, Stan Moat, Jane Piotrowski, Ron Recko, Bob Rossman, Kristina and Walt Sullivan, and Mary Zell for contacting previous donors and working on-site; to the Chestnut Hill Local, for donating advertising space; to CHCA staff member Noreen Spota, for helping to coordinate arrangements for the event; and especially to the people who gave their time and blood to make this event such a success.

Ann Marie Arment
CHCA VP Social Division


Got the ‘Borders is gone’ blues?

I remember when there were three wonderful bookstores in Chestnut Hill.  Alas, now there are none.  Do not fret. There is a place in our community where one can borrow books on paper, books on tape, books on CD, music on CE, videos, DVDs, etc for free.  Yes, it is called the Free Library of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill Branch, at 8711 Germantown Ave. All you need is a library card.  The cost?  It is free.  See you at the Library.

R. E. Polsky
President, Friends of the
Chestnut Hill Library


Is Avenue a snow emergency route?

Fellow business people and shoppers: Did you know that Germantown Avenue is not designated a snow emergency route? Everyone I spoke to about this was pretty surprised also.

It is a major thoroughfare. If Germantown Avenue. were a snow emergency route, everyone would have to move their cars off of the Ave. and the plows could remove more of the snow. There would be parking spaces on the Avenue after snow storms and much less of a mess.

I asked the CHBA to investigate what it would take to change this designation. This change would be a major benefit to both businesses and shoppers.

Amy Edelman
Owner, Night Kitchen Bakery


A challenge to WHYY

I was just listening to a duet by the “heavy hitters” of WHYY, Marty Moss-Coane and Terry Gross, singing yet another sad song that the station was short its winter fund-raiser by $200,000, “and we will have to continue asking you for funds.”

So I called in and made a challenge donation of $500 if the following three conditions were met: (1) Reduce William Marrazzo’s (CEO) compensation package (salary, options, benefits) from $10,000 plus he takes home weekly to $4,000 weekly.

If Marrazzo’s compensation package was cut by the suggested amount above, that would more than make up for the $200,000 shortfall of the winter fundraiser. After all, most of us take home much less than $4,000 a week – much less – so Marrazzo should be able to get by on that, don’t you think? We “get by.” (2) Program more classical music than the skimpy four hours they provide only on Sunday evening (8-12). One would think a real “public” radio station could do that for a radio listening audience that has no classical music on the air citywide in the evening.

And, (3) schedule Marrazzo or another WHYY spokesperson to respond to listeners’ calls for an hour every three months as to what we like and don’t like.            

After all, we are the ones they ask to help pay the bills, to include Marrazzo’s $10,000 plus weekly package. To date, no one from WHYY has called me agreeing to meet my $500 challenge.           

Lawrence H. Geller


Cruelty in theme parks and circuses

     The recent death of a trainer by a killer whale at Sea World is another glaring example of how the capturing, training and, in many cases, torture of wild animals, for the sake of man’s amusement and profit needs to stop.

 If you did not see it in theaters, rent the documentary, “The Cove,” which sheds an important light on the horrific act that occurs in the herding of dolphins, porpoises and whales and the suffering these beautiful animals are subjected to in their capture and in their lives at these theme parks.

The death of this trainer could have been avoided if this animal was in the environment it was meant to be in.

    Also, if you did not get a chance to read the editorial piece in last week’s Inquirer about baby elephants being torn from their mothers while still nursing and being whipped with rods with metal hooks and subjected to electric shocks for an average of a year until they perform the tricks for circus companies, you can find plenty of information on the Internet about it.

Barnum and Bailey, which has been exposed by former employees for committing these cruel practices, has just rolled into town with their cages and acts for all to see.

    If you want to help put an end to this, stop spending your money to support the circus and theme parks like these and take the time to write a letter to your Congressman/woman demanding an end to these barbaric practices before more animals (and humans) are harmed and killed for greedy and inhumane corporations.

Richard McIlhenny
Mt. Airy




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