March 11, 2010

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Economy closes a door, but another opens in Mt. Airy
Avenida: youthful vibe, family-friendly, fine Latin food

Husband-and-wife chef team Edgar and Kim Alvarez, who both have extensive restaurant backgrounds, opened Avenida, a Mexican restaurant, at 7402 Germantown Ave. in Mt. Airy last Dec.17. (Photos by Len Lear)

According to a recent CNN Money article, “More than 45,000 businesses closed their doors for good in 2009, including some that survived for more than a century.” The article profiled six century-old businesses in various parts of the country that were victimized last year by the economic hard times. One of those businesses placed under the microscope was the Delaware Market House, a gourmet food market and catering operation in Gladwyne.

You might think that Gladwyne, the wealthiest community in the entire Delaware Valley where million-dollar homes are as common as pasta in an Italian restaurant, would be immune from the vagaries of the economy. But you’d be wrong.

Although the Delaware Market House had been serving the community since the presidential administration of Theodore Roosevelt, and since Edgar and Kim Katz Alvarez had won more than 10 awards from local magazines and organizations since they bought the business in 2004, the floor still dropped out from under them. “We couldn’t survive anymore,” said Edgar, 43. “People just weren’t buying as much as they used to.”

Privacy? Forget about it; you’re under surveillance

It all started when I went to the fridge to get some of my homegrown chives to put in a salad. They were frozen solid. In fact, everything in the refrigerator was frozen. When I checked the temperature control, it was all the way down, so I set it back to normal and left the door open for a while to thaw things out.

Writes ‘spiritual self-help books’
Wyndmoor author finishes 2nd book in ‘Jesus’ trilogy

Betsy Otter Thompson, who was born in Wyndmoor 73 years ago, now lives just one block away from her childhood home. Her most recent book is “Walking Through Illusion – Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared his Journey.”

Betsy Otter Thompson, 73, has come home. After 25 years in Los Angeles, the Wyndmoor native and author is living just a block away from her childhood home. She returned with a lifetime of experiences and her newest book, “Walking Through Illusion – Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared his Journey,” the second of a trilogy.

When she first arrived in L.A. to pursue an acting career, Thompson was experiencing a very difficult time in her life. She had been through two rough divorces, was extremely poor and struggling to survive both emotionally and financially. Hurt and blaming others for her situation, she was full of anger and pain. Thompson prayed for guidance. She clearly describes exactly what happened to her shortly thereafter: “An energy came into my life. It was the presence of light, and I knew it was the light of reason.”

She explains that from that moment, her life completely changed. The energy became a voice, and she listened closely to the voice. Within two months, she was working as the executive assistant to Alan Horn, the Chairman and CEO of Castle Rock Entertainment, and was beginning to take responsibility for her life. When her boss moved to Warner Brothers to become President/COO, she followed him. 

Hill singers perform ‘forgotten’ Philadelphian’s music

The Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia will perform a concert entitled “Ancient Liturgies” Saturday, March 13, 8 p.m., in Daylesford Roman Catholic Abbey at 220 S. Valley Road in Paoli, and Sunday, March 14, 6 p.m., in the Episcopal Cathedral Church of the Savior at 38th and Chestnut Streets in West Philadelphia. The program derives its title from the late Joseph Castaldo’s “Ancient Liturgy,” a work commissioned and premiered by the late Sean Deibler and The Music Group in 1990. The program also includes Arvo Part’s “Te Deum” and Eric Whitacre’s “Cloudburst.”


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