March 18, 2010


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Food market’s fate hinges on deli case
By Jennifer Katz

Last week Jennifer Zoga reached a new low in her effort to operate a quality grocery store in Chestnut Hill. Zoga, owner of the Good Food Market, received her second visit from a city inspector in a month.

The first visitor was from the Department of Licenses and Inspections, sent out to investigate a claim that the Good Food Market's deli case was in violation of the C1 zoning code in place for the property at 12-18 W. Willow Grove Ave.

"Someone complained that I should not have the deli case," said Zoga of what she was told by the L &I inspector about the nature of the complaint. "The person was extremely knowledgeable of the code."

The deli case at the Good Food Market has become a zoning issue. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)f

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Hired by legendary choreographer, George Balanchine;
Flourtown resident and former ballet star reaches 100

Even people who know almost nothing about ballet dancing usually know the name George Balanchine. You might say he was the Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth of the ballet world. Therefore, it was quite a thrill and an honor to interview someone who, in her 100 years of life, actually worked with Balanchine, arguably the greatest choreographer and dancer in American history.


Fund drive close to finish line

In a few weeks, The Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive will come to a close. For the second year in a row, it looks like the drive will meet its goal of raising $100,000.

Each year the community fund drive puts out a broad appeal to the members of the community to raise money for a number of worthy causes — from funding for Meals on Wheels to upkeep for pocket parks and train station gardens.


Artist visits Norwood Margaret Smigiel, Flourtown resident and author of The Princess Albums, “recently honore Kindergarten to 3rd grade Norwood-Fontbonne Academy students with a reading of her book,  “The Princess Doctor.” This is a story of a princess who wishes to dedicate herself to helping others and through this adventure, discovers a different “happily ever after.”  Smigiel describes herself as a wife, mother, national champion cyclist and accidental author.   She was inspired to write her stories of service, charity, and dedication because of her children’s love of reading. 


CHC sticksters win first match at home field

When Chestnut Hill College president Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, was presented with a men’s lacrosse helmet and then strode out to midfield to drop a ball for a ceremonial face-off, you knew there was something special about last Thursday’s home game.



Nancy Peter (left) of Mt. Airy, Special Awards Chairperson of the G.W. Carver Science Fair, at the fair with her mother, Marian Darmstadter.   “This is the 31st anniversary of the Carver Science fair,” Peter said. “It is one of the oldest, urban, citywide science fairs in the country, and each year 250 kids in 4th, 5th and 6th grade and more than 600 kids in 7th through 12th grade compete in the citywide science fair.
Darmstadter and her colleague, Marilyn Young, who used to teach at Jenks, give out a special award that honors team projects at the fair.
Visit for video interview.



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