April 22, 2010

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Their faithful dogs really WOW these Hill area women

Debra Malinics (left) and Barbara Salkin, both of Chestnut Hill, are seen on a snowy morning in February walking, counter clockwise, Lazlo (smooth fox terrier),  Daisy (lab) Lizzie (border collie) and Lucca (hound).

We’ve all heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend — and for six Chestnut Hill area women, a dog is also woman’s best friend. In fact, it was having to walk those dogs every day that brought them together to form WOW, or Women of the Woods.

“We didn’t start out as a group or know how it would evolve, but the years of walking and talking brought us closer together,” said Debra Malinics, of Chestnut Hill, one of the original members of the group. “The beauty is, we all had very different lives outside of dog walking. We are from different background, different religions, different political leanings and different tastes, but the dogs brought us together.”

Apart from Malinics, the group consists of Barbara Salkin, of Chestnut Hill; Kate Nichols, of Chestnut Hill; Yvonne Haskins, of Mt. Airy; Cathy Bean, of Flourtown; and, occasionally, Martha Slaughter, of Chestnut Hill.

The group began in 1995 with a simple conversation about Debra’s dog when she was walking in Pastorius Park while letting her hound mix, Lucca, run around a pond in the park to burn off excess energy. Malinics said she passed Slaughter, who was sitting on a nearby bench and who began asking questions about Lucca.

‘Classics’ menu is a super bargain
Ruth’s Chris Steak House; truth stranger than fiction

Only in America. Ruth Fertel was born in New Orleans on Feb. 5, 1927, the same day that a man named Chris Matulich opened Chris’ Steak House on the corner of Broad and Ursulines Streets in New Orleans. After running the restaurant for 38 years, Matulich decided to sell the restaurant and retire. So he put a tiny ad in the local newspaper that simply said: “Steak House for sale. $18,000. N Broad and Ursulines. 829-2466.”

A plan to save Chestnut Hill from global destruction

On this Earth Day, April 22, I present my annual State of the Planet Report:

First, I need to feed the data into my computer: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, melting ice caps, deforestation, polluted air, dying oceans, rising temperatures, and an increasingly unstable axial rotation.

Next, I will analyze the results. Let’s see, add column B to column A, carry the three, add in the cost of bread ... Done! The Earth will break in half and plunge into the Sun next week. The Sun will be none the worse for wear, but Earth’s salad days will be pretty much over.


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