July 22, 2010

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Two Hill bakeries star in TLC show

Philadelphia and Chestnut Hill’s own Amy Edelman and Karen Boyd will be making a national television appearance on TLC.

TLC’s “Fabulous Cakes of Philadelphia,” which will be aired at 10 p.m. Monday, July 26, chose Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor, 8126 Germantown Ave, and the Night Kitchen Bakery, 7725 Germantown Ave., to be featured along with one other bakery in the area.

When asked how she felt about being featured, Edelman, owner of the Night Kitchen Bakery, said, “excited and slightly scared.”

“I have been on television before, but the bakery has never been on national television,” Edelman said. “It will be really exciting to see how much interest in the bakery it generates.”

Edelman and Boyd, owner of Bredenbeck’s, received a call in March from producers in Philadelphia asking for large, over-the-top cakes. Edelman turned in an Earth Day cake created by one of her lead pastry chefs, Jennifer Lowe, for the Sustainable Business Network.

Boyd turned in two cakes, both designed and decorated by Diana Anella. One of them was a three-tier, old-school tattoo cake that was used as an engagement cake. The other was a two-tier bowling cake for a 13-year-old’s birthday party.

After the two Chestnut Hill bakeries were chosen, camera crews were at the bakeries to film for three to four days in April. Amazed at the process, Edelman said a whole day was designated for interviewing. The crew was also interested in the whole process of baking the cake – baking, filling, icing and decorating.

Boyd said the filming was a long process.

“They said they were going to take over our world and they sure did,” she said.

“There was probably over 30 hours of taping. It will be interesting to see how they cut it down.”

Both Boyd and Edelman feel this is great exposure for Chestnut Hill, and are excited for each other as well as themselves.

“Amy and I see eye to eye on a lot of things,” Boyd said. “We are very proud of what we do, what we give to and make for our customers.”

Tune in to TLC on Monday, July 26, Boyd said “and see what happens.”



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