July 29, 2010

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Concert Parking

With all the great news and enjoyment connected with the free Wednesday night concerts in Pastorius Park, we just heard that some people driving to this weekly event are parking on the lawns of residents who live nearby.

As a member of the Traffic, Transportation and Parking Committee here in Chestnut Hill, I urge you and any guests you know who are attending to please take care and not park on anyone’s lawn. It seems as if one person does it and then others follow.

This is happening especially in the area of Abington and Lincoln Drive. Let’s not spoil the concerts for our neighbors and friends who live close to the Park by damaging their lawns.

Tom Hemphill
Chestnut Hill


Problems at CH Village

A retail consultant has been hired to improve the shopping district of Chestnut Hill.  Another part of the community also needs some work: Chestnut Hill Village.

The problems include:

Roofs that need to be replaced, and in some cases repaired.

Constant flooding in specific apartments during any measurable rain. Slower response time by management, due to a 50 percent decrease in staffing. Obscene fees, including a new $11.02 monthly trash fee just to pick up our refuse

The fraudulent leasing of apartments to prospective residents with the knowledge of long-term unfixed problems.

Unstable outdoor lighting, which “shorts out” with the slightest amount of rain.

Drainage issues that create standing water, which makes specific areas susceptible to bugs. Amenities that are not fixed for months. Disparities in rents that exceed 20 percent.

 What is management’s response? Poor and none.

The residents of Chestnut Hill Village deserve better than the treatment received over the past 18 months. Each time a major challenge within our complex arises, nothing is done until we get involved.  It is time for us to unite again and understand we have rights too. Let us exercise them. 

Chestnut Hill has been named one of the 10 best places to live in the United States.  All of the residents should feel this way, no matter what type of living situation they enjoy (apartment or house). 

Thank you,

Thomas Lind
Chestnut Hill Village Tenants Association



Thanks to all

I would like to thank everyone who came to Drake’s first monthly Live Jazz night. It was a great success! The cool sounds of Mischa Machez were flowing through the garden as people were enjoying their paella dinner.

Carl V. Drake
Drake’s Gourmet Food & Catering


Nonprofit ripoffs

Great piece this week on the issue of State Rep. Dwight Evans,” nonprofits, moving money with no oversight and how the public will sit by and let it happen year after year. [“Dwight Evans reveals truth on $1 million ripoff,” July 22] One technical error on the nonprofit ripoffs issue: North by Northwest was funded with less than $500,000 by OARC (Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corp.).

The $700,000-plus (referred to in the article) was the amount of the lawsuit that the corporation became involved in right after the sale, not the investment that went to pay off debts of one set of Dwight’s friends for the benefit of another set of Dwight’s friends.

Now, $29 million is a lot of taxpayer money to flow through on CDC without much transparency as to how it was spent. But compared to Germantown Settlement, which has run through as much as $350 million in 25 years, it’s chump-change.

One other point: Littleton’s Diner, one of my favorite haunts for years, was torn down last year. One of my first jobs in the automotive field was at the Amoco Station at Washington Lane and Ogontz. I worked there nights and weekends in high school and college. In later years Littleton’s was our late-night stop after a night of carousing at “Sunken Gardens.” Great job.

Jim Foster
Mt. Airy


Good storytelling

That was a neat article this week about Joey Giardello. [“Joey Giardello, my dad’s hero…” July 22]  Although not part of my growing-up (I was theoretically grown-up by then), but I do remember his career.

Good storytelling on your part ... I did know people like Len Lear’s father. Give my wife, Missy, credit, too. She pointed out the article to me.

Dick Lee


Fine article, but with a boo-boo

In your otherwise fine article about Joey Giardello, you say that the Harrowgate Boxing Club is in Port Richmond. Actually, it is in Harrowgate. That’s why they call it that. If you stuck your head out of the window of the room I was born in (which might annoy the guy who owns the house now) and yelled, they would hear it at the Harrowgate Boxing Club.

We did not have a boxing club in the neighborhood when I was growing up. Fistfights then were on an as-needed basis. Right behind the boxing club building, on unpaved Kingston Street in the 1930s, was the Harrowgate Quoit Club, where as a sprat I often sat in the bleachers and watched my grandfather compete. Richmond was named in 1728, and adjacent Harrowgate not until 1785, so maybe we Harrowgaters get defensive at times, being new in town.

Jim Smart
Mt. Airy

Lear responds: Thanks for the geographical correction. To us West Oak Laners, everything north of 5th and Olney is just one vast, undifferentiated wilderness.

Joey G. deserves a statue in Philly

The article, “Joey Giardello, my dad’s hero, gets a statue in Philly” (July 22), brought back memories. We were the first ones on the 100 block of West Durham Street in Mt. Airy when I was growing up (I am now 75) to get a TV set in the early 1950s. We watched the Friday Night Fights from Madison Square Garden. Our living room was jammed – it was standing room only.

All the neighbors came to see the fights. Mom made coffee and tea and cookies. You could hear the cheering coming out of our living room a block away. Yes, it was great. We saw so many great fights through the years. Many great fighters came from Philly, more than any other city, I believe.

Dad used to take me and my five buddies to the old Arena in West Philly to see the Golden Glove Championships. What a treat that was! Memories. Ah yes, memories. Joey G. surely does deserve to have his statue in Philly. He was truly a champion. Thanks again for the great article.

Tom Woodruff


Lingering lawn signs

Why do we allow companies to leave lawn signs long after the job is done? Most reputable companies let their work and their customers speak for them. But a small group of landscapers and roofers are spoiling our very special residential neighborhood with their endless commercial billboards.

Sally Smith
Chestnut Hill




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