August 5, 2010

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Bravo!  A great job this summer...           

This year’s CHCA Pastorius Park Concert series was a major hit.  

This music series is one of the activities of this community that help makes it so special. Pastorius Park is a piece of heaven. It is a place where friends, neighbors and volunteers gather to listen to great music, hang out and bond.

Special thanks go out to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund and Chestnut Hill Hospital for their generous sponsorship

An incredible amount of work goes into putting on this series and I would like to give special thanks to the 2010 Co-Chairs, Janine Dwyer and Neil Scheinin, for their incredible hard work and providing such a great list of talent that we all enjoyed throughout the early summer.

This year the CHCA Membership committee pulled together the concession stand, which was a great spot to stop and chat and get involved.

Hats off to the following volunteers:

Maria Vecchiolli, Julie Byrne, Mark Russo, Kathy Gannon, Bob Rossman, Mike Chomentowski, Steve Pearson, Kitty Kelly-Albrecht, Mary Ann Koller, Mary Carol Curcio, John Dwyer, Johnnie Dwyer, Patrick Dwyer and Julian Whelan.

Also, this past Wednesday was a great night where friends, neighbors and many volunteers came out and enjoyed an evening of fun, food and music in Pastorius Park in support of our police, firefighters and postal workers. The weather was great as was the concert that followed. Many thanks to our hard working supporters and volunteers for a job well done:

Weavers Way Co-op, Baker Street Bread Co., Tavern on the Hill, Brewers Outlet, Top of the Hill Market, Cuba Restaurant, Susan and Tom Hemphill, Kathlyn Egan, Julie Byrne, Noreen Spota, Phil LeCalsey, Mike Chomentowski, Bob Rossman,Peggy Miller, Peggy Hendrie, Kate O’Neill, Greg Welsh, Marie Lachat, Marissa Morris, Lou Aiello, Wendy Williams, Jonna Naylor, Marilyn Paucker, Kathryn and Paul Greer, and Jean Wedgwood.

Thank you Chestnut Hill for supporting such a great project! See you next summer.

Jane Piotrowski
VP CHCA social division

New meetinghouse is welcome news

I have loved the work of artist James Turrell for years, and I am so excited for the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting and for the whole Philadelphia region that the Meeting is building Skyspace, designed by Turrell. I agree with Michael Verruto that this is a major coup for Philadelphia. Skyspace will be a “treasure” that will draw people to Chestnut Hill.

I congratulate the meeting for describing the new space as a place for people of all faiths to gather for contemplation and reflection. In these challenging times, we will benefit so much from a place that “reminds us of the solemnity and brevity of life” and “how it is possible to catch and hold onto time, and how it disappears right before your eyes.”

Zeta Cross

Why does ‘killer’ Kolb get a ‘pass’?

In a recent interview with Comcast, the Eagles’ new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb was asked about his most recent hunting trip. He talked about blasting away at “varmints like coyote and fox or whatever comes up.” He and (reporter) Michael Barkan were laughing it up as Kolb was asked if he killed them with his bare hands, as he has often said he does with wild pigs.

Hunting these beautiful animals for sport and receiving pleasure from it is barbaric, inhumane and evil. With a convicted dog killer, Michael Vick, as his back-up, Kolb has gotten a pass, you might say. However, it boggles my mind that owner Jeffrey Lurie, a self- described animal lover, would allow these players on his team. It will be a long time if this franchise ever gets me to root for it again.

Rich McIlhenny
Mt. Airy






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