August 19, 2010

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Community involvement the key to success
After 10 years, Trolley Car Diner Still in high gear

The diner, which looks great at night with its neon lights, is now a community staple. It was created from a 1952 model diner and
trucked into the north end of Mt. Airy, just 200 yards from
the border with Chestnut Hill. (Photo by John Barone)

Diners can be a bit nostalgic. Most people have favorable impressions of them as places where you take the entire family to get lots of comfort food at affordable prices, and they can remind us of the place our grandparents took us out to eat as kids.

Mid-life crisis leads ex-Hiller to jewelry design career

Amy’s Hammadde Collection of necklaces, original creations crafted with beads from around the world, are currently available at Artisans on the Avenue, 8436 Germantown Ave. (Photos by Katharine Gilbert)

Former Chestnut Hill resident Amy McCoubrey, 56, is finding her stride. This divorced mother of three young adults, a Boston University cum laude grad with a degree in Italian Studies, separated from her husband in 2005 after 24 years of marriage. Suddenly, this admittedly “very dependent” housewife was on her own. “I had to learn how to become an independent person,” she said. “I did some really hard things; like I bought a house and basically raised the children on my own.”

Amy lived in Chestnut Hill from 1988 to 2002; her family then moved to East Falls until 2005. While she lived in Chestnut Hill, her children attended J S Jenks public school. Her former husband is John McCoubrey, a building contractor whose business is based in Mt. Airy.

After separating from her husband, she lived in Old City from 2005 until 2007, when she decided one day to look for the perfect house — a house that faced south and west, a sunny house. So, she drove in her ‘little green car’ all over the city and kept coming back to the Wissahickon neighborhood, where she found bliss in a charming but in-need-of-repair 100 year-old ramshackle treasure. She has lived here for the past three years with her 19-year-old daughter. Charlotte; her 23-year-old son, Jack, and their cats, Selby and Bobby, both rescues. Her 25-year-old son, Angus, lives and works in New York City.

Mr. Know-it-All answers all of your dumb questions

It’s that time of year again when everyone is away on vacation, which means it’s a good time to answer all those burning questions clogging my inbox. Since no one will be around to read my replies, it lessens the likelihood of costly lawsuits.


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