September 30, 2010

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I hate to be right, but…

My first article for the Local was published this past July 1. I wrote about the construction being done on the southbound side of Lincoln Drive.

Rarely do I remember any of the predictions I make (amnesia is convenient when you’re wrong), but I not only remembered this one, I was right about it. Let me enjoy my moment of glory…

My prediction was that this construction would lead to nightmarish traffic for anyone trying to leave the Chestnut Hill area and cross over the river to get to 76. Well, now that schools have started back, the traffic is horrendous.

I leave my school, Penn Charter, every day at about 6 p.m. What used to be about a five-minute drive to get to 76 is now  30 minutes. And now that drivers are avoiding Lincoln Drive, all the other roadways are clogged, too.

Ridge Avenue is a mess, School House Lane is unbearable, and Route 1, South is the worst out of all of them. I’ve been going to Penn Charter for 13 years and know every road to and from the school. Never have I seen this type of traffic.

So if anyone has a secret road or a helicopter I could borrow, please let me know.

Adam Garnick
Senior, Penn Charter

Adam was an Anna Fisher Clark Memorial Intern at the Local this summer.


Headline ‘insensitive’

An article written about my experiences in Nicaragua was published on the cover of the Local Life section on Sept. 23. It was a fantastic experience, and I appreciated the opportunity to share it with Local readers. However, the headline assigned to my article appears degrading when it states that we helped bring the modern world to “dirt-poor” Nicaragua.

While economically Nicaragua is the second poorest country, after Haiti, in the Western Hemisphere, it is a country rich in culture with warm, welcoming people who have continued to work to overcome struggles they have faced, whether it be war, a corrupt government or natural disasters.

The article was meant to highlight the differences in lifestyle along with the use of technology and efforts being made by Nicaraguans to live a more sustainable life. The Local seems to be supportive of diverse cultures in many of its articles, so I was surprised by this insensitivity. 

Bethann Jensen
Chestnut Hill


Andy Reid critic lacks compassion

I thought the comments by Bob Ingram in the article on the Eagles (Sept. 16) were cheap shots, especially the ones about Andy Reid.

It’s easy to say he is a lousy father, as Ingram did, because his sons got into really bad trouble, but let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Andy Reid may not be the best football coach in the world, but he seems like a decent human being.

As far as his sons are concerned, they are adults now, not children, who had every opportunity in the world to do the right thing. They clearly failed so far, but that does not mean Andy Reid and his wife were terrible parents or terrible people.

You can do everything possible for your kids and still have them get in trouble because of peer pressure, brain chemistry or other factors beyond your control. Once they are adults, there is not a heck of a lot you can do.

Mr. Ingram may be able to write well, but he is certainly lacking in compassion and empathy. I’d like to know if he is a father and if so, what great things his children have done.

Cecelia Collier


Congrats  to B&W Gala

Congratulations to the black and White Gala.  It all started with a few good friends that turned into fabulous sponsors. Then came a gathering of volunteers that then formed the committee. 

Months of hard work of preparation turned into weeks, weeks turned into days, days into hours and hours into minutes and minutes turned into seconds that led to another wonderful evening on the avenue. 

Many thanks to sponsors: Bowman Properties, Ltd, Chestnut Hill Hospital, East River Bank, Elfant Wissahickon Realtors, Steve Piotrowski, Valley Green Bank amd Randolph Fine Jewelry, which always brings the “Sparkle” to the party.

And the committee: Ann Marie Arment, Kathie Meadows, Cathy Brzozowski, Marissa Morris, Julie Byrne, Fran O’Donnell, Jacqueline Coll-Wivel, Susan O’Driscoll, Marianne Dwyer, Chris Padova, Peggy Gallagher, Marilyn Paucker, Andrew Goldfrach, Cathy L. Pimpinella, Susan Hemphill, Paula M. Riley, Anne L. Henry, Bob Rossman, Lisa Howe, John Scanlon, Mary Ann Koller, Rose Siegel, Marie Lachat, Jay Valinis, Nancy McGettigan and Jean Wedgwood.

Special thanks to: Paul Roller, who volunteered so many hours assisting on this event, and to Teens Inc. adults Angela Conway, Karla Dean, Aurora and Arianna Neromiliotis amd Colin Koch.

To the CHCA/Local staff: Philip LeCalsey, Noreen Spota, Susan Kowert, Cheryl Massaro, Claudia Bordo and Amy Kleinschmidt Teta.

Bowman properties staff: Jessica Orso and “AJ” Amjhed Alibi.

Along with Lou Aiello, Joe Anton, Patrick Moran, John Gilligan, Janine Dwyer and Rachel Koller.

It was a fabulous night! And we all gathered at our favorite spot... Germantown Avenue. With deep appreciation and gratitude to this community – both business and neighbors. See you on the Avenue,

Jane M. Piotrwoski
CHCA-Vice President
B&W Gala Co-Chair                       

Scott Friend
Chestnut Hill Hospital
B&W Gala Co-Chair



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