October 21, 2010

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Why ‘Forbidden’?

As an admirer of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, I was pleased (and surprised) to learn, through Dan Deagler’s letter (Local, October 7) of the plaque in the Wissahickon Valley with a quotation from Poe on the remarkable loveliness of the Wissahickon. I must go and look for it.

Poe was indeed correct that the Wissahickon (creek, valley and drive) is remarkable, which raises a question. Why do the news media persist in sullying the Wissahickon Drive with the hyper-negative and insulting nickname “Forbidden”? In recent years even some mapmakers, possibly following the mislead of the media, have begun to introduce the error.

The Wissahickon is a happy place. There is nothing foreboding about it.

Jack W. Boorse, P.E.

A correction

It is with deep regret that I read of the death of Anne Rivinus in this week’s Local. She was a colleague and friend. However, I feel compelled as an alumna to make note of an error in her obituary.

Anne Rivinus was a graduate of the Chestnut Hill Hospital School of Nursing, not Chestnut Hill College School of Nursing. Students from the School of Nursing took some classes at Chestnut Hill College, but they have never had a School of Nursing.

Jane B. Danihel, RN, BSN

Thanks to all

On behalf of Eichler & Moffly Realtors, may I thank the entire Chestnut Hill Local staff for their wonderful article regarding our 50-year anniversary! It truly captured the spirit of our past and our present family of real estate agents and personnel.

Special thanks to Pete Mazzaccaro for his fine writing and to Stephen Ladner for his compelling photographs. Gratitude is also due to the Chestnut Hill community as a whole and to all of our friends who have supported us throughout the years. Many thanks!

Patrick Gallagher
Broker of Record for
Eichler & Moffly Realtors


The price of  taking a stand

To most of you the Good Food Market is long gone, and the drama that came with it is forgotten. By now you’re settled into your normal lives. Unfortunately for us, a year later the saga continues, and life has been anything but normal.

A couple of days after the Zoning Board denied the GFM its request for a variance, I found a “for sale” sign planted in front of our house. Not wanting to alarm my family, I quietly put the sign back where it was, the night before, in front of 29 West Willow Grove Ave.

A few weeks later we found dog “poo” in the porch, then leftover food, more food, more dog “poo” even a pair of “rubber testicles.” Again, this past week another bag with dog “poo” was left on our front yard. And that’s not all.

Over the last 13 years of life in this community, we never had such an issue nor seen such acts!

Ali Souli
Chestnut Hill



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