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Paul Theroux's "Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads." (2015)

Theroux's observations about travel and literature are well made and worth mentioning, but the book's appeal lies with its people.

"The Lost Pianos of Siberia” is deep, romantic as title implies

One of the pleasures of doing this column comes when readers send book suggestions.

Publisher pens a Dickens of a sequel to 'Carol'

Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol” is one of the most beloved novels in the canon of Western literature, and a staple of holiday reading. Dickens never wrote a sequel.

Hill poet/activist/professor dazzles with 'Just/More'

Chestnut Hill poet, author and college professor Martin Wiley has a new book of poetry, “Just/More,” that “reflects the joys and pains of being a Black father in these times.”

The ultimate can’t-miss Christmas movie list

Rarely if ever – just to understate the case by a country mile – have we needed a jolt of holiday spirit in the form of a feel-good Christmas movie.

Curtain Call What's on Stage

The 39 Steps

 (1935 / 86 minutes) Civilian everyman Robert Donat is on the run from a sinister ring of international spies and seeking to clear his name in director Alfred Hitchcock's espionage classic.