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For the 18th consecutive year, Germantown Avenue is exploding with the color of flowering annuals planted by dozens of dedicated volunteers. more
My wife, Valerie, is particularly fond of the flowers that bloom on our front porch for a month starting in mid-April. The orchid cacti (two specimens are in bloom in the picture) have survived another winter on our climate-controlled, enclosed front porch. more
The Clivia plant that my wife, Valerie, is inspecting in the photo is at least fifty years old; it was her mother’s. more
Earth Day returns on Thursday, April 22, 2021, the 51st anniversary of the seminal event that changed the world by giving birth to the modern environmental movement. Please plant a tree for Earth Day—any time in and around April 22 works. more
Flower Show chief designer Sam Lemheney has a springtime present for the quarter million loyal Philadelphia Flower Show attendees who go to the Horticulture Society event each year in the freezing … more
Among the more dangerous pursuits of 19th-century explorers was orchid collecting. more
It takes a particular sort of person to keep tropical plants alive in Philadelphia. more
Philadelphians who like seeing orchids in bloom year-round mimic a subtropical climate six-months of the year, using artificial lighting, heating and city water. more
Plants have a need to flower. While a plant may not feel desire in the same way an animal does, it is compelled to reproduce. Horticulturists are voyeurs who are happy to assist. My wife, Valerie, is … more
Valerie, my wife, has diagnosed me with Selective Attention Disorder (SAD).  One could say that I suffer from SAD, if in fact the condition was in any way painful or debilitating. But I do not … more
We see birds at the feeders whenever we look out the back window. Valerie, my wife, fills feeders with shelled sunflower seeds three or four times a week. In early Fall, after the babies have fledged … more
The Roman family owned our Highland Avenue twin house from 1924 until we bought it in 2000. The three generations who occupied the place were in the building trades and undertook major improvement … more
Years ago, after struggling to keep a couple of dozen hybrid tea and floribunda rose bushes healthy in our Germantown garden, we decided that the effort was not worth the reward. For two decades, the … more
My wife, Valerie, cares for a sort of morning glory called moon flower. They bloom in the evening in late summer and early fall, three to four-inch white flowers that resemble the moon. The flowers … more
By mid-August, a lot of garden plants are exhausted, wearied by the effort of creating cellulose from sunlight, from expending organic resources stored over nine months, depleted of the power to … more
Valerie at our backyard pond. By Stan Cutler The disappearance of marshland is a terrible consequence of human devastation. Homo sapiens is the virus, mother earth is our victim. If you get off the … more
Valerie dealing with bugs. By Stan Cutler  (continued from last week's article on roses) Something was eating one of the rose bushes. During the first week of the pandemic lockdown, we transplanted … more
Valerie working on containers, a martini close at hand. By Stan Cutler If you want low maintenance, high-reward gardening, containers are the way to go. You can put a container garden in a tiny back … more
The author’s wife, Valerie and an orchid cactus safely thriving in the enclosed front porch of their Highland Avenue home. by Stan Cutler We just found out that we live in “The Garden District” … more
Local gardeners can help preserve bee colonies. by John Colgan-Davis The last two weeks or so here in the Delaware Valley have let us know that there is change going on: subtle, regular, change that … more
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