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Remember the fad of about 20 years ago, called “Color Me Beautiful”? 

Searching for and finding the home of your dreams is often just that: a dream.
  Although it is a well certified and established belief that the architectural exterior of a building conveys, with great distinction, a very specific period in time, a single historic …
When looking back at interior styles following the popular Arts and Crafts movement, two styles that are often referenced together but could not be more different are Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
Real Estate

Local Realtors offer advice for NW Philly’s tight housing market

Prospective buyers looking to relocate to Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill are especially challenged, say local realtors. 

Mt. Airy condo project preserves the property’s church community

Instead of abandoning their church property, members of the Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church saw their inability to keep up with deferred maintenance and decided to strike a deal to preserve their congregation.
Discovering Chestnut Hill