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Forget the rake! Those falling leaves are friends

The gardening experts of the Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund have a less exhausting leaf management routine to suggest, and if you do it our way, you’ll get mulch for your garden, better soil for your plants, habitat for wildlife, food for birds and you’ll put less of a burden on the city’s resources.

SCH students “repopulating” the Wissahickon with native Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid seedlings

When members of Wissahickon Garden Club’s conservation committee learned about Longwood Garden’s work to reintroduce the Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid locally, they teamed up. Springside Chestnut Hill students took to the woods adjacent to the McCausland Lower School and gave the seedlings a new home.

The Outdoor Gardeners gather to honor some of their members

The Outdoor Gardeners awarded Laurel Awards to Patti Wilson and Paula MacRae for their support of the garden club, and Liz Snowdon won the District “Forget- Me-Not Award” for outstanding service since 2002

It seems to be the natural course of things that once the pendulum goes to one extreme, it reverses its swing.  I am happy to report that the minimalist aesthetic that has dominated the field of design for more than 15 years appears to be in retreat. 

Remember the fad of about 20 years ago, called “Color Me Beautiful”? 
Searching for and finding the home of your dreams is often just that: a dream.
More than two years after developer The Goldenberg Group bought property that formerly housed the old Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House and former headquarters of Blossom Philadelphia, neighbors …
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Large apartment complex coming to Trolley Car Diner site

If developers get their way, the former site of Mt. Airy’s Trolley Car Diner is set to become a five story, 114-unit apartment complex complete with 38 parking spaces, 7,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and a roof deck.

Local Realtors offer advice for NW Philly’s tight housing market

Prospective buyers looking to relocate to Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill are especially challenged, say local realtors. 

Bali holiday pop-up returns

Mt. Airy resident Laura Cohn is celebrating the 25th year she’s been running her holiday pop-up store featuring handmade gifts from Bali with a long list of events, starting now and running …

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