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Shopping Season is here

Shopping season has arrived. The Avenue has plenty to offer. Including free parking on Wednesdays through December.

Leafblower season

Must be leafblower season

Haws Lane development in a tight spot

Jim Lee, Springfield Township Commissioner for Ward 3, provides some additional thoughts and context as there continues to be a lot of dialogue being shared by neighbors and various interested parties about Haws Lane.

Students address the issues

Rep. Chris Rabb received three, very well written and researched letters from high schoolers in his district. Their teacher gave them an assignment to contact one of their elected representatives about one or more issues they cared about.

Why not make the world a better place for all? It's FUN!

6753 Germantown Avenue got a big facelift Nov. 5, with contrasting colors bringing out its inherent beauty as a Victorian style building with the many details for which that style is …

Celebrating Thanksgiving with traditions, both old and new

This Thanksgiving will be different for many of us. For some, it will be the first time since the pandemic started that they will be setting the table for relatives coming from afar.
Enemies of Reading Hugh Gilmore

You'd have to read about 50 books and 2,000 Twitter tweets to learn what really happened during the race wars back in Plymouth Colony in the 1620s. Let us save you the trouble by leaving out the nasty bits and concentrating on the warm and fuzzy (where we can).

Pt. 2: Library owners should know what outcome they want before they invite the bookman over. Everyone wants their books removed, of course, but you might be surprised to learn what the second most frequent motive is. It's not money.

Letter: Fair Funding for all PA schools

Representative Rabb has done a great job in representing the 200th legislative district. I am writing this today to urge him to prioritize passing legislation that increases equity in public school funding.


Country clubs likely to be a thing of the past if they don’t keep up with the times

The world is constantly evolving, adopting new traditions and parting with ideas that no longer appeal to the majority of the public. The impetus for social change is typically a new generation coming of age.

Children should be able to vote; they are the future

The country’s leaders should be helping to stop climate change, halt the spread of Covid-19, destroy racism and recognize how they are spending our money. That kind of leadership is not happening enough. For these reasons, we need more people to speak out for kids’ rights.