Alert middle-schooler evades stalker on Germantown Avenue

by Walt Maguire
Posted 12/16/21

A man in a white truck tried to approach a middle-grader after school. She knew to go into a store and get help.

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Alert middle-schooler evades stalker on Germantown Avenue


On Monday afternoon, Dec. 6, a student of the Norwood-Fontbonne Academy was approached on Germantown Avenue by a male stranger in a white truck. The stranger drove slowly down the avenue, calling out compliments and offers of candy. When the student refused, the man parked his truck and began following her on foot. The student ran into the Starbucks at 8515 Germantown Ave. and contacted her parents, then stayed inside until they arrived. She was picked up safely. 

The police of the 14th District were notified by the girl’s parents, and school authorities notified all parents of the incident. Dr. Ryan Killeen, President of Norwood-Fontbonne, also notified other schools in the area. He commended the student, a middle-schooler who had recently transferred to NFA for her alert and quick response, and said the school was making efforts to make sure every student was aware of how to respond in similar situations.

The incident happened after school, at a time of day when mid- and upper-level students from NFA frequently walk down from the campus at 8891 Germantown Ave. to the Hill, especially those who live in the immediate area. Younger students are not permitted to leave the campus unless they are picked up by the school bus or by a designated adult.

The student could give no description of the man. The family could not be reached for comment. As of Thursday, Dec. 9, the 14th District could not report any progress on identifying the stalker.

There have been no reports of similar incidents in the area, but police advise students to be cautious, try not to walk alone, and stay aware of nearby safe locations such as a store or a crowded dining spot.