It’s Your Local

by Leisha Shaffer, Marketing Manager
Posted 7/15/21

It’s OK. You can admit it.

We’ve all done it at some point.

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It’s Your Local


It’s OK. You can admit it.

We’ve all done it at some point.

We’ve had that moment when the words “You know, if I was in charge, I would ….” have sprung from our lips.

Sometimes the exclamation is delivered with a bit of bravado and a tinge of frustration when the solution to a problem seems so painfully obvious to you.

Sometimes the impetus for your declaration is the dawning of a great idea that you think would present a perfect, untapped opportunity.

But, too often, the ending of that statement is “but they probably wouldn’t listen to me.”

The Local does want to hear what you have to say because, quite frankly, it’s our job to provide our readers with a publication that is both reflective of, and responsive to, the community.

The role of a community newspaper is multi-faceted. We have a responsibility to inform our readers and provide reliable, factual reporting. We shine a light on issues that are consequential to the common good. We serve as the moderator for the public discourse and strive to reflect the diversity of voices in our community.  We are the promoter of local organizations, businesses, causes and events.  We entertain and engage with stories of remarkable community members. Every week, we try to reflect and encourage the connectivity that is the bedrock of a strong, vibrant, and successful community.

But we recognize that what we think the community wants to see in the Local is only part of the equation.

To best serve the community, we need to know what you think – what is important to you, what is relevant to your life, what your interests are.  Our effectiveness in fulfilling our mission is incumbent upon your input. 

Starting today, we are asking you, our loyal readers, to let us know how you think we are doing.

On page 16 of today’s print edition and on, you will find our It’s Your Local Reader Survey.  We encourage you to share your thoughts with us and don’t be shy.

Throw a dart to pinpoint areas where you feel we can do better.

Toss a laurel at the things you think we are doing well.

Share your ideas on topics you would like to see included in our coverage.

Over the next few weeks, we will also be soliciting input from residents who don’t currently subscribe to the Local.  You will see surveys on social media.  We will reach out to local businesses and other groups. We want to gather a broad array of opinions in order to make the Local an invaluable resource for this community.

This is your chance to tell us what you would do if you were in charge.

Fill out your survey and make your voice heard.

Because it is your Local.

And we’re listening.

Leisha Shaffer,  Marketing Manager