A major effort to update CHCA bylaws is now complete

by Kathi Clayton, board president of the Chestnut Hill Community Association and Anne McNiff, executive director
Posted 5/5/22

The CHCA Board made the decision to work on the organization itself, and update internal controls, documents and guidelines. 

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A major effort to update CHCA bylaws is now complete


This past year has been a challenge for the Chestnut Hill Community Association as it could not hold its signature events or host indoor gatherings. All our programs were virtual save for a few activities we were able to hold outdoors. 

Given the limitations for outreach to the community at large, the CHCA Board made the decision to view this period as an opportunity to work on the organization itself, the internal controls, documents and guidelines. 

When the idea to undertake this effort to bring our bylaws more in line with best practices for a community civic organization was first proposed last fall it seemed daunting. It was the first time that significant changes to the CHCA Bylaws had been proposed in many years.

The major responsibility for this undertaking fell to the Governance Committee, whose new members spent hundreds of hours working to update and streamline our bylaws and governance policies. An ad hoc Advisory Committee was also formed to assist the Governance and Executive Committees in the project.  

The culmination of these efforts has been rewarding to the CHCA Board. We believe it will be well received by our members and the community at large. The revisions and new documents include Amendments to the Bylaws, the Conflict-of-Interest Policy, a Code of Conduct,  Policy Enforcement Procedures and a new Charter for the Governance Committee.  

The Executive Committee and the Board unanimously approved these recommendations. The CHCA membership will have the opportunity to vote on the Amendments to the Bylaws at the next upcoming election. Voting will take place from June 9 through June 23. The details of the proposed Bylaw amendments and the rationale for them will be publicly available and printed in the Chestnut Hill Local before the upcoming vote.  

We would like to publicly thank all those who undertook this responsibility - every one of which was a volunteer. It was truly "for the good of the organization." 

The Governance Committee includes Laura Lucas as chair, and members Jean Hemphill and  Rick Berkman, both attorneys, and Beth Wright, Tony Banks, Jeff Duncan, and Joyce Lenhardt.

The Advisory Committee includes attorneys Gene Dilks, Ellen Kaplan, Shane Cramer, and Stephanie Tipton - all of whom have experience in crafting and/or enforcing ethics policies. 

The Executive Committee is composed of Kathi Clayton, Lindsey Toconita, Larry McEwen, Cathy Brzozowski, Lynn Schroeder, and Karl Martin. Note: Laura Lucas, Tony Banks and Jeff Duncan are also members.

Board Members are Tony Banks, Richard Bartholomew, Janel Baselice, Susan Bray, Tim Breslin, Catherine Brzozowski, Alexander Burns, Kathi Clayton, Lucie Daigle, George Deming, IV, Jeff Duncan, Cynthia Fillmore, Keith Kunz, Gregory Lattanzi, Joyce Lenhardt, Laura Lucas, Karl Martin, Larry McEwen, Jenny McHugh, Camille Peluso, Ross Pilling, Lynn Schroeder, Anne Standish, Lindsey Toconita, and Beth Wright. 

It is our collective goal that this work on behalf of the CHCA will be well received by all our constituents, appreciated for its content and transparency, and encourage more people to join the CHCA and participate in programs and events that will strengthen our community ties.