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"Woke Racism" scholar grew up in Mt. Airy

In Woke Racism, McWhorter takes on quite a few sacred cows, including affirmative action. Needless to say, all of this makes McWhorter a bit of a lightning rod on social media, where he gets pilloried by some and praised by others. 

Tempesta DiMare celebrates 20th anniversary season

The Tempesta di Mare Chamber Players will field an ensemble of flute, two violins, two violas, cello, lute and harpsichord.

Chestnut Hill On Ice is back

The Chestnut Hill Business Association is bringing back one of its favorite annual events, Chestnut Hill On Ice. The two-day event will take place along Germantown Avenue between Rex and Willow Grove Avenues on Friday, Jan. 28, from 5 to 9 p.m., and Saturday, Jan. 29, from noon to 6 p.m.

Announcing Winter Warehouse Sale

Participating shops include Sara Campbell, Bohemian Pink, J.McLaughlin, Jonesy’s Accessories and TC Unlimited, all of which will be offering high quality merchandise within the reach of every budget.

Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s Preservation Recognition Award Honors the Morris Arboretum

Support from the William B. Dietrich Foundation made the project possible.  

Agreement of sale reached for one-acre site opposite Trolley Car Diner

According to its current owner, John Mascaro, the property - which lies between the campus of the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia and the now defunct rail line that crosses over Germantown Avenue - sold for $1.8 million. 

Chestnut Hill Hospital nurse donates the shoes off her feet

On Friday, Jan. 7, Chestnut Hill Hospital Nursing Director Julie Munger walked into work wearing her favorite gray Adidas sneakers. Her workday proceeded like most others until she received a phone …

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Ringing in the New Year, the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners welcomed its new Board President, Commissioner Eddie Graham, and new Ward 2 Commissioner Susanna Ratsavong, and commended …
Both Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy experienced some unusual crime this week, with an overnight burglary at Baker Street Bread and El Poquito Sunday that left the contents of a broken cash register …

The letter comes in the wake of a dispute between Bass and a group of neighborhood activists who call themselves The Friends for the Restoration of the Germantown YWCA over the future of that building and what developer the PRA should grant the rights to develop it to.

The financially ailing Berks County-based health system has been trying to sell the local community hospital since the fall of 2020.

Crime Report: Dec. 27, 2021 - Jan. 9, 2022

The following crime report is for crimes reported in Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy for the two-week period from Dec 27 to Jan 9. Some dates earlier than the current period took place at that date and …

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It is the rare individual who can walk through an available residence and have the ability to see past an unfortunate layout, outdated kitchen and baths, ghastly wallcoverings and linoleum floors - not to mention paint colors that are reflective of the current owner’s taste.  

Doug Wechsler, who has written 24 previous books about nature and the animal world and has taken most of the photos in them, specializes in researching information that is not widely known to the public.
David Bradley is currently directing People's Light's world premiere musical adaptation of “A Christmas Carol,” streaming a filmed version of the show from Dec. 24 through Jan. 6.
Food for Thought

We resolve to eat less food and to exercise, and we resolve to make better meal choices. We resolve to cook with healthier ingredients, and we resolve to make grocery lists that we stick to.

Theroux's observations about travel and literature are well made and worth mentioning, but the book's appeal lies with its people.

Carmen, a 14-year old therapy dog, is a sato, which is Puerto Rican slang for a mixed-breed stray dog. She was found on “Dead Dog Beach” on the southeastern shore of Puerto Rico.


Noteworthy's Q & A with Amanda Harberg

Yannick Nezet-Seguin and the Philadelphia Orchestra performed the “Piccolo Concerto” of Chestnut Hill native Amanda Harberg, with piccolo player Erica Peel as soloist.

Hiller's new crime novel based on mobster dad’s life

Based on a true story, Chestnut Hill author Alfred O'Neill Jr. has just written “…an intriguing crime story packed with shady characters, double-dealing and violence … Alby and …

Homes & Home

Keep your poinsettia all year

Poinsettias don't have to die after the holidays. There's a way to bring them back in time for next fall. (Adapted from the Inside the Design Shop blog at Robertson's Flowers)

The early bird gets the tree

This year, there’s a run on almost everything, including Christmas trees. That was what brought Chestnut Hill resident Gail Cataldi to Laurel Hill Gardens on the first Monday following …

Local writer's classic book on an important decade of design

“Populuxe”, published in 1986 and written by the Philadelphia Inquirer art critic Thomas Hine is a deep dive into American life as it was being lived  in the mid 1950’s to the mid 1960’s. 
By Design

Decorate the holidays with a distinct and personal touch

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your decorations. Individual collections, hobbies and interests can become the impetus for distinctive and personal holiday décor.
Thanksgiving dinner may be the main attraction, but it isn’t the only thing that makes the holiday meal so special. Presentation is also key. And this year, which may be the first time …
With the resurgence in popularity of authentic historic homes, buyers are realizing that original interior architectural features can be maintained while still designing an interior that says 2022.
Real estate
The 800 sq. ft. dwelling would be 36 feet from the original structure. The Philadelphia City Planning Commission recommended that the request to build the new unit be approved, provided that the idea of rotating it 90 degrees “is explored.”

GA basketball comes up short against Irish, 45-41

Germantown Academy ended the brief 2020-21 basketball season with a 68-37 loss to the visiting Academy of Notre Dame.

Mount looks for improvement in the second half of January

The Magic ended the 2021 portion of the season with a record of 2-1 in the Athletic Association of Catholic Academies.

CHC women reach 6-0 in conference with Jefferson win

Last Thursday, Chestnut Hill College's undefeated status within the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference faced a stiff challenge as the women of Jefferson University arrived.

In a tight Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference contest at Chestnut Hill College last Saturday, the host Griffins were tied with the men of visiting Felician University at halftime.

On the surface, the first week of 2022 looked to be a good time for Chestnut Hill College's opponents to take on the Griffins' basketball team.
With COVID's Omicron variant sweeping through the United States, it was something of an accomplishment for Mount St. Joseph Academy to be able to play three basketball games last week.
With schools closing for holiday break on Friday, an ice hockey contest in Chestnut Hill drew a lot of student supporters that afternoon. A sizeable home crowd for Springside Chestnut Hill Academy …

I am only stating a few differences between public and private schools from my perspective. I could go on about many other differences, but instead, I am asking readers of this article to make observations of their own.

Students at Plymouth Meeting Friends School have been exploring the Quaker theme of Light this month and spent art classes in December creating clay luminaries, inspired by examples from around the world.

The Children’s Park of Chestnut Hill is finishing 2021 with capital improvements, but they’re far below what they need to keep the playground operational in the long run. 

Mt. Airy psychiatric pioneer and activist dies at 72
Dr. Amy Catherine Brodkey, a renowned psychiatric pioneer with more than 46 years of experience in the medical field and a resident of Mt. Airy for 43 years, died Nov. 22 of heart failure at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood at the age of 72. 
Distinguished Flourtown scholar and author dies at 91
Horst S. Daemmrich, a scholar, professor and author with an international reputation in the world of academia died Nov. 26 of congestive heart failure at the age of 91 at his home in Flourtown.
Miriam Finkel, human rights icon, dies at 94
Miriam Lippman Finkel, who devoted her life to family and social justice issues, died after a long illness on Wednesday, Oct. 27 in the East Mt. Airy home where she had lived for 60 years. She was 94.
Charles M. Peterson, III Memorial Service
The family of Charles M. Peterson, III, will hold a Celebration of Life in his honor this weekend. Charlie passed away peacefully on November 15th, 2020.The service will be held on Nov 13th at 4 pm …
Foremost local Native American advocate dies at 93
Chief Buffy Red Feather Brown, a Mt. Airy resident for 52 years and passionate Native American activist, died at age 93 on Oct. 23 at the Visiting Nurse Association Hospice in East Falls.
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Enemies of reading

Finding your creative self in the New Year

Are you hoping to follow your personal star this year and not get pulled deeper into the muck of modern American culture? Are you hoping to live a more authentic life? Wanting to express yourself by …


Merry Christmas, Everyone

From Arnie and the staff at the Chestnut Hill Local, best wishes for a Happy Holiday and a better New Year.

The final word: a look at what obituaries have to tell us

Most people struggle to understand what, in sum, constitutes a successful life. We all know the standard measures: marrying well; having model children, a prestigious job, lots of (or, at least, enough) money; being honored, toasted, or roasted at a banquet; owning a dream house, car, private jet, wardrobe, jewelry; achieving feats; winning competitions, and so on.  

Advice from an expert: how to be young while old

Now I am not 2,000 years old, although my right hip feels like it in the morning. But I am almost 82, which in dog years is 574, so I am definitely on my way.
This year, volunteers are hoping to raise enough funds to replace outdated and broken lights and missing signage around the Water Tower, and to refurbish the WWII War Memorial.
Unfortunately, last Saturday the weather did not cooperate again, resulting in the cancellation of our much anticipated holiday parade.
As some of you may have read in last week’s edition of The Chestnut Hill Local, Chestnut Hill residents are about to be involved in a redistricting for future elections when it comes to our …
About Chestnut Hill
Discovering Chestnut Hill: Trickling Streets Becoming Eroded Gullies
And the damage is not limited to forested areas on city-owned land.
VALUE AND VULNERABILITY: The Chestnut Hill Conservancy Looks Back at 2021
The Chestnut Hill Conservancy believes that growth and  development must add value to, rather than extract value from, any community. This defines our work as a progressive and collaborative community advocate; we use  preservation, conservation, and history as tools to strengthen and defend the community. 
Monuments under the microscope as times change
When Dr. Paul M. Farber was growing up in Mt. Airy, he was surrounded by history. He started with that in his talk on public art for the Chestnut Hill Conservancy last week.
Germantown Avenue to transform again during Night(s) of Lights
October 8 through the 17, from 7-9pm, historical images from the Conservancy’s Archives will be projected through storefront windows, while neighboring historic buildings will be transformed with colored lights and films.
Eateries of Chestnut Hill
With Center City (Philadelphia) Restaurant Week running from September 18th through 30th, it is a great time to reflect on the history of our eateries, be they restaurants, taverns, luncheonettes, …