Cabrini graduate joins the Local to launch his career

Posted 8/17/23

June 26 was not just the first day I stepped into the office, it was also the first day I took a step into a higher level of professionalism.

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Cabrini graduate joins the Local to launch his career


June 26 was not just the first day I stepped into the office, it was also the first day I took a step into a higher level of professionalism and storytelling that will stick with me for years to come. I, Pryce Jamison, am proud to announce that I am the newest member of the Chestnut Hill Local team and will be carrying out an internship throughout the fall, helping to cover a variety of topics. 

I have lived in Glenside for a large portion of my childhood, and am familiar with the surrounding communities in the Northwest region of Philadelphia. I am especially attuned to the diverse communities of Philadelphia, which was my reality way before I knew about the pivotal role I can play in its news and media. When I enrolled in Cabrini University four years ago, I knew that telling stories about important topics within our society and stories that bring communities together was going to be my future in some way, shape or form. 

I graduated on May 21, 2023, earning a bachelor’s degree in digital communications and writing, with cum laude honors. As I was prepared to finally get out and have an impact, I knew I wanted to look for an organization in a community that I could connect with, and that could be my launching pad into this vast industry.

I reached out to the Local’s editor, Carla Robinson, and explained my aspirations. And for the majority of the summer, I’ve been working as a freelance contributor. I remember it like it was a week ago. I was asked to come in and start contributing, and that was when I really began to comprehend the point of my life that I was entering, and the responsibilities that come with it. 

So far, news such as “Good Morning America’s” Fourth of July broadcast in Chestnut Hill and the Supper Sessions festival in Mt. Airy are some of the examples of stories I’ve done in the past month that showed me the closeness of this community’s bond. Writing these stories helped fuel my desire to be a part of it.

This internship opportunity is truly only made possible with the help of the Lenfest Institute, which is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that grants funding and initiates training programs for effective and solution-based practices with the goal of strengthening local journalism throughout the city. Receiving funding to bring me onto the team as a full-time intern was an uncertainty for us at first, but after recently receiving a Lenfest Next Generation Fund Award, becoming a member of the team is now a reality.

While I was at Cabrini, I served in leadership roles, working as the Lifestyles section editor for the award-winning Loquitur News Media, and the Creative Nonfiction section editor for the Woodcrest Literary Magazine. These experiences gave me versatility and taught me to take immense care with many different subject matters.

Last summer, I worked as an intern reporter for the Bucks County Courier Times, which was an experience that gave me my first glimpse of producing work in a professional environment.

Now, I am joining a team of highly experienced journalists with an extensive background in the industry at the Local, all of whom are teaching me what they know. 

I’ve learned that when I’m telling someone else’s story, whether it’s a news story or a feature, the same amount of discipline needs to go into every single story. Journalism has taught me that it’s not always about myself in this complex life that I’m living. It’s about being a vessel for truth and lifting up the voices of people in communities who may not be able to always convey their own stories. This is what draws me into this line of work. 

This is why a neighborhood like Chestnut Hill, with its various mom-and-pop shops, events that bring people together, and diversity and culture, is the right place for me to start my career. 

While working alongside some talented reporters this year at the age of 21, I hope to absorb as much knowledge as I can, knowledge that I can carry with me into any future position. I expect I will not only learn how to be a better communicator, writer and interviewer, but to become a better man, because I am proud to do work that is far bigger than just myself.

Pryce Jamison, News Intern