‘Horrified’ by Greylock vote

Posted 3/14/24

I am horrified to learn that two CHCA committees seem willing with slim majorities to approve a major development at Greylock Estate.

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‘Horrified’ by Greylock vote


I am horrified to learn that the Land Use Planning and Zoning (LUPZ) committee and the Development Review (DRC) committee of the CHCA both seem willing with slim majorities to approve a major development at Greylock Estate without regard to the historical preservation value or the easements tied to the estate. This allows destructive building development that runs counter to both the easements (managed supposedly by the Chestnut Hill Conservancy (CHC)) and to the historical value of this significant 'protected' estate. 

The new owners would not only wreck our built heritage at Greylock and make themselves $30 million in profit but would sacrifice the protection of all easements, for all such properties. 

The argument that Greylock needs this particular developer is fatuous; there is and are other developer interest(s) with which the Estate would continue to be protected for our community and will be properly maintained and self-supporting. 

The threats to all historical properties that are protected under easements are dire. Some of our neighbors have already placed easements on the land beside their historical homes to provide a community legacy; protecting their estates from greedy developers who have no respect for history, legacy, or our communities. These distinguished neighbors have reduced the value of their estates very considerably to protect their estates for our community after they die. 

If the Greylock development passed by LUPZ & the DRC goes ahead, not only will the house and landscaped estate at Greylock be ruined for massive profit for the developer, but the rest of our built heritage, protected under easements for the community, will all be at risk from that day forward. 

Dr. Angus McLeod

Mt. Airy