Thanks to a good Samaritan

Posted 5/2/24

My car slid into the guard rail. Then a man in a truck stopped to help.

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Thanks to a good Samaritan


On Saturday morning, at  around 10 a.m., I was traveling on Cresheim Valley Road from Germantown Avenue to Allen Lane. I was going around the bend just past the Lincoln Drive intersection when my car apparently hit an oil slick on the road. Suddenly, I could neither steer, nor break. The car slid across the oncoming lane and into the guard rail. Fortunately, I was not going fast at the time and didn’t appear to be injured, but I was severely shaken. I sat there for a minute or two while a few cars just drove around me and continued on. 

Then a truck stopped, and a man who introduced himself as Pat Glenn came over and asked how I was. I was so relieved that someone was considerate enough to stop. He stayed with me while I called 911 and reported the accident. He waited while the Fire Department came and checked out the car and the tow truck operator loaded the car to take it away. He also offered to take me home, but the tow truck operator was able to do that on his way. Pat is the owner of Valley Forge Electric-Plumbing-HVAC. While I know nothing of his technical skills, if it matters to you to have a caring and considerate person looking into your home issues, you might want to give him a call. 

Leonie Finkel

Mt. Airy