The pandemic is behind us, but the impact remains

Posted 10/19/23

We asked youngsters in the new Germantown branch of the Mighty Writers program to tell us how the pandemic changed their experience of school.

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The pandemic is behind us, but the impact remains


We asked youngsters in the new Germantown branch of the Mighty Writers program, a program that seeks to empower students by improving their writing skills, to share their thoughts about how the pandemic changed their experience of school. Here is their work.


Age 10

During the pandemic, I remember hearing about people getting sick and others singing songs for them. We had more free time, but I really missed going to school and didn't like staying at home all the time. It made me sad that I couldn't be with my friends, and I felt lonely. We tried to stay in touch by talking on the phone and playing games online. We used to write with pencils, but now we type on computers a lot. I also missed going shopping for school stuff. 

When the pandemic ended, I was glad, but going back to school was longer than being online. But the best part was that I could finally go to gym class. 

Jordan Ford

Age 10

When the pandemic started it was hard to deal with because I had never used a computer before and had to learn to use it over time. I had a lot of fear around that time because I didn’t want to die from Covid. 

I guess I would say the bright side of all of this is that it was my first time getting all A’s! I also like that I could watch TV and eat during lunch. I kept in touch with my friends on Google Classroom. I had everything I needed for school and being at home while learning was better for me. 

I think it was because we had no homework and all I had to do was keep my room clean. The teachers also tried to keep us engaged. I miss online school. 

Riyah Crition 

Age 9

Virtual school had a lot of problems on Zoom, we had no science, art or gym -  only math and writing.

I liked that we got to talk to each other during lunch, and recess online was fun. I was sad that we couldn’t go outside to play. I had everything I needed for school like WiFi, pencils and notebooks.

I learned a lot during the pandemic, there was more learning than actual work. When the pandemic was over, I was happy to see friends again and also to go on nature walks.

Jeffery Russel 

Age 12 

When we went back to school in person, we had to wear masks. We had to social distance. It just wasn't normal, because we didn't have to do all of these things in the past. 

I liked finally being able to go out and go to school in person because I got to play with my friends and play in the treehouse. The tree house was at Roxborough Christian School. That treehouse eventually was taken down. Not because of the pandemic, but because it was unstable. My friends and I played games and learned outside. 

When the pandemic happened I was in the third grade. When I came back to school in person, I was 9 years old. Things changed a lot for me. I had a new teacher, I did have the same friends, but they were older too. The schoolwork was harder too. There were things that I didn't understand. 

If I had to choose, I would say that I prefer in-person school rather than online. Although having a few online classes wouldn't be too bad. 

Sahanna Hasaan 

Age 13 

School has been amazing for me since the pandemic. I made more friends in the last two years, and I became less shy. During the pandemic, I was shyer because I wasn't really talking to anyone my age who wasn't my family. I only had one real friend; I didn't know how to socialize online. School was better. 

So when school started, I was happy, because I was ready to talk. The schoolwork was easy, but there were a lot of things I needed help with. I didn't remember much of what I learned during the pandemic. It was like everything went away in my head. It wasn't just me, everyone was confused. Everyone kinda forgot how to socialize in person. The schoolwork was also hard for them. 

Now that I am in the 8th grade, things are better. There are still some things that are hard, but I've had two years of in-person schooling so it's been easier to understand things because there is always a face-to-face interaction. It's easier to make friends, socialize, and even the teachers are easier to work with. 

Zen Johnson 

Age 11

I was still doing school since the pandemic because I was homeschooled since my family and I moved from Virginia Beach. It wasn't a big change school-wise.

Before the pandemic, I had a lot of friends. I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. So I would see my friends more during that time. But during the pandemic, I didn't see them at all. After the pandemic, I saw them maybe once a week or once a month. 

I’m still homeschool, even now. I'm in the 6th grade. During the pandemic, I did more work. After the pandemic, I have other things I can do now and I can go to more places. 

I have two friends who are homeschooled since school went to in-person. They like homeschooling. One of my friends said their old school wasn't for them because their friends weren't there and it was harder for them to cope. 

I like being homeschooled because I can set the days I want to do my studies and it's not so strict like in-person school. 

Emmanuella Boakye-Yiadom

Age 9 

I was 6 years old when the pandemic happened. I lived in Ghana. That's in Africa. I was in class kindergarten and class 1 during the pandemic. I was happy because I didn't go to school. I did school at home and on Zoom. And on Fridays, the teachers didn't come to my house to do studies, we just did school. Our cook would make my breakfast and lunch and I only had to go to the dining room table to eat.

When I had my lunch, I was happy because that meant that study time was over. Then I could go outside and play in the water in my compound because Ghana is very hot. When I went back to school, I was mad because I had to get up early and wear my uniform and sometimes I would be tired. Whenever I tried to sleep the teacher would interrupt me. The schoolwork wasn't hard, but it was annoying. I had two classmates who would finish before me. And I wasn't allowed to eat my food until I finished my work.

Now that I am in the U.S., I'm happy because I'm going to be homeschooled. I get to do online schooling which is fun. I get to go to Mighty Writers and have fun with my new friends and see nice books that they don't have in Ghana. 

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