Letters: 'PC police' should look at real atrocities abroad


A completely harmless image of an Indian man on a sign indicating the entrance to the Philadelphia Cricket Club has raised the ire of a minister in a nearby Episcopalian congregation, according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Have I missed articles reporting his voiced opposition to acts of vandalism in recent months against churches in the United States and violence against Christians all the world round?

Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria, but Jarrett Kerbel found time to condemn neighbors for an image he finds offensive, rather than, for example, speaking about our brothers and sisters in Nigeria being killed by Islamists for the great “crime” of being Christian.

And will the PC police next “cancel” the statue of Chief Tedyuscung in Valley Green overlooking the Wissahickon creek? Wait! Wissahickon is derived from the Lenape tribe’s language, so that must go, too, right? And our street names: Seminole, Towanda, Roanoke, should they be banished from polite society? I suspect they will if the St. Martin-in-the-Fields’ rector gets his way.

Kenneth Bradley



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